Sharpening your mind is essential for everyone since it can open up your mind to countless possibilities. Playing games such as Scramble and Wordcross can boost your mental well-being but at some point, they become dull and boring. But you can sharpen your intellect by playing challenging puzzling AAA games that require you to use your mind to solve riddles while enjoying spectacular gameplay.

It may be time to get out of the habit of games where you have to go gun-blazing and defeat your enemies. And it’s time to find adventurous games that’ll turn your brain into a pickle and increase the cognitive activity inside your brain.

 In our extensive research, we have listed the most challenging, intellectually stimulating adventurous puzzle games. Hold onto your hats as we review the best puzzle games to make your brain work faster. 

1. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider 

Follow the journey of Lara Croft in defeating the Trinity. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is a roller-coaster ride for the brain. It consists of dozens of challenging puzzles that require intense thinking and an out-of-the-box approach to solve the riddles. 

From forming Maya’s door lock combination to aligning the fire pits, this game is extremely challenging and each puzzle in the game could keep you for hours. Although there’s not much combat in this one and the story is also quite short, the puzzles will keep you playing it for a very long time. 

The mental health of a person is essential and in recent times, brain health has been an issue for adults and without opening up the mind to challenging tasks, the health of the brain will drain. But, with Lara Croft and her puzzling journey, you’ll have to use 100% of your brain and it’s guaranteed that this game will make your brain work faster. 

2. Hitman 

The Hitman trilogy has left us awe-struck with its captivating gameplay and storyline. In terms of gameplay, you’ll find things to be very intense if you’re playing the game on a high difficulty level. Going gun blazing isn’t an option and you must make a proper strategy to infiltrate the enemy and eliminate the high-profile targets. 

In addition to putting your brain to work, this game also accentuates your cognitive skills and gives you the opportunity to think carefully about how you execute your actions. There’s something that makes Hitman stand out from other puzzle games: the world is full of possibilities, and players can adjust the game according to their tastes. This enables players to use their brains to their full potential and exercise their cognitive capabilities. 

Games like Hitman could also have a positive impact on increasing IQ as well. For players that are looking for a challenging game to test their brain, they should definitely try the Hitman trilogy. 

3. The Room

In your search for the most challenging puzzle game, you’re likely to come across The Room, a game filled with brainteasers. From figuring out the key combinations to enabling the spectrum glass, The Room will give you a run for your money. 

Unlike other games, this game requires you to figure out many tricky riddles to progress in the game. If your mind isn’t what it used to be then this game would be an excellent tool to sharpen your cognitive abilities. 

Aside from making your brain faster, this game is fun to play and once you’re finished with the first part, there are many other installments in the franchise that will keep you occupied for a really long time. Pro-tip, to successfully overcome all the obstacles, make sure to pay attention to the details and have patience. Things will start to figure out once you’ve analyzed everything.  

4. Dishonored 

Aside from Corvo’s struggle to avenge his love of life and free his captured daughter, Dishonored brings puzzling gameplay that you’ll love if you’re looking for a serious challenge. It has got everything from flesh-eating rats to deadly kill machines and to get past them, you’ll need to figure out a lot of things and make a proper strategy to pass each level.

The attention to detail is extremely important but in the end, players can play the game to their likings. As a stealth-based game, Dishonored requires extreme precision and also features mind-teasing puzzles that require you to think outside the box. 

From finding the hidden code to opening the hidden chambers, the Dishonored trilogy features intense puzzles that are guaranteed to make your brain faster and increase the cognitive abilities of your mind. 

5. Portal 2 

One of the most sophisticated puzzle games of our time, Portal 2 is highly recommended if you’re ready to take on a real challenge. The campaign holds a number of missions but to clear just a single of them, you will have to figure a variety of puzzles to get through to the next level. But, solving the puzzles is extremely difficult and a real challenge for your brain.

Even the brightest people have tried and failed but if you think that you’re capable of beating everything Portal 2 has to offer, be our guest and give it a shot. We guarantee that you won’t regret purchasing this game with your hard-earned money. 

Just a reminder, ‘’Testing is the future, and the future starts with you’’.


The wellness of the brain is often ignored by a commuter which can lead to disappointing results in the future and that’s why mental health awareness is important. Modern-day games contribute to the well-being and sharpness of the human mind, and in the future, they may prove to be extremely effective in combatting many psychedelic diseases as well. 

As a summary, these are the top AAA puzzle games out there that will sharpen your brain. Personally, I can attest to the fact that these games increase your brain’s productivity and make it work faster than ever and you must get your hands on them. 

That’s all folks! 

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