The anime gaming genre has evolved tremendously over the years. From the likes of Dragon Ball FighterZ to Persona 5, we’ve come a long way. The ride is not over yet. This year, we’ll be spoiled for choice with tons of amazing anime games. Many major developers are working on tons of anime titles that are expected to drop this year. And by the end of today’s round-up, we hope to have shared with you the best anime games coming in 2022. 

Best Anime Games Coming in 2022: Our Picks 

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile 

Square Enix, one of the biggest game developers out there, announced that they’re working on an ‘’Fullmetal Alchemist’’ game that will be dropped in the Summer of 2022. It will be based on the famous Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and will follow the plot of Edward and his brother, Alphonse. The duo is out for vengeance and a quest to find the philosopher’s stone.

The original Fullmetal Alchemist was loved tremendously by the community. Receiving appreciation from all over the world, the manga was also adapted into an Anime TV show that further contributed to the success of the manga. Moreover, for the time being, Square Enix announced that the Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile game would be available in the Japan region only. 

We’re unsure when the version of the game would be available in the Western countries. Nevertheless, it is without a doubt one of the best upcoming anime games of 2022 and we can hardly wait to get our hands on it.

Dragon Ball The Breakers

Dragon Ball The Breakers is the newest addition to the Dragon Ball franchise. It is an upcoming anime game featuring a multiplayer 1v7 mode where the survivors have to face off against the most notorious villains. From the likes of Frieza to Dr. Gero, survivors will have to do a lot of fighting to keep their heads. 

This action-packed anime game features 7 survivors who are tasked to escape the grasp of some of the most vicious villains. Anything from space ships to rockets is used to escape the planet. But, users can also opt to be villains as well. In that case, they will have to prevent the survivors from escaping by defeating them in battle and hunting them down in the gigantic anime world.

Fortunately, Dragon Ball The Breakers will be made available for all the major gaming platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One X/S, and Xbox Series X/S. Although the release date for Dragon Ball The Breakers isn’t confirmed, critics believe that we’ll be able to get our hands on this one before the end of the year 2022. 

Gungrave G.O.R.E

Gungrave Gore is the latest entry in the long-running gaming franchise that’s famous for its unforgiving nature of the gameplay and gutting down the enemies. In this upcoming installment, Grave, the protagonist, is bought back to life and with his deadly skills, he is tasked to take down the most notorious gangs and their leaders.

From what we’ve seen in the initial gameplay reveal, Grave looks brutal and he won’t stop at anything. And for the hitman he is, one can expect a lot of hack-n-slash. Moreover, Iggymob is the developer behind this one and they’re planning to launch Gungrave Gore sometime in 2022. 

Upon its release, Gungrave Gore will be available for all the major gaming platforms. The confirmed release date of Gungrave Gore is not out yet but developers have made it clear that it is in the pipeline and ready to take off any time this year. 

Digimon Survive

First announced in 2018, Digimon Survive has been on the radar of anime lovers for a long time. But unfortunately due to many reasons, Digimon Survive was delayed many times. Fortunately, developers have assured that Digimon Survive may get a release date in 2022 when it will be made available for major gaming platforms. 

A long-awaited RPG surrounding the mechanics of surviving the wild, Digimon Survive features a group of teenagers who accidentally enters the realm of the monsters and must fight each one of them if they ever want to make it back home.

The RPG elements in the game makes it even more charming. And although it is without a doubt, one of the most anticipated anime titles of the year, we’re confident that this one will attract gamers from all sorts of genres because of its enchanting gameplay, mesmerising soundtrack, and unforgiving battles. 


Wise to say, PalWorld is the most stunning-looking anime game that we’ve ever seen. The lush-green surroundings backed by the cutest little creatures make it a sight for sore eyes. And when you through in the desert and peaks of the highest mountains, the sights get even better. 

Palworld is a multiplayer survival crafting game where players have to catch many creatures called ‘Pal’ and create a world around them. Whether building an entire civilization or just catching the most unique Pals to put them in a dogfight, palworld offers you the opportunity to play as you see fit. 

From swimming to the deepest point of the lake to flying off to the most beautiful peaks, Palworld is guaranteed to make some of your happiest memories. Furthermore, developed by Pocket Pair, Palworld is expected to release at some point in 2022. 


The year 2022 is filled with mouth-watering games and for the most part, we cannot wait to get our hands on these titles. And for the anime game lovers, there are a lot of excellent titles coming their way. The likes of Persona 4 and a few other renowned titles are also getting port for Nintendo Switch as well, further contributing to your already massive games library. 

The titles mentioned above are some of the best anime games coming in 2022 and if you’re an enthusiast who enjoys well-crafted anime titles, we recommend setting aside a few dollars for each of these titles. 

That’s all folks! 

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