Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is like a complex puzzle that’s extremely hard to solve. The game is comprised of many levels with a wide range of features and we must solve very intricate puzzles as we progress through the levels to reach the rich chests hidden behind strange obstacles. And for someone who’s playing Valhalla for the first time, things can get pretty intense and at times, you’ll feel like rage quitting the game but, we’re discussing the 7 best features in Valhalla that’ll blow you away and if you miss them, you’ll regret it later in the day when you find out them after spending countless hours into the gameplay. 

7 Best Features in Valhalla That You Should Know About

1. Horses Can Swim 

In the previous installments, horses or any other mountable animal would throw you if you try to cross a deep river or mudholes but in Valhalla, you can train your mount to swim in the rivers and canals throughout England. Not many people don’t know this but, you can unlock this feature by unlocking the Stable and purchasing ‘Swimming Lessons’ for your mount. Similarly, you can increase the stamina and health of your horse at the Stable which comes in very handy. 

2. Call Your Clan Mates 

Riding around England and you suddenly found a Monastery? Going in there and fighting alone against the fierce enemies would be suicide. But, you can use your horn to call your clanmates and warriors to fight under your banner to loot the riches of the Monastery. Players can find anything from raw supplies to armor pieces at Monasteries so it’s recommended to loot all of them when you’ve reached a certain level. 

3. Quick Action Wheel 

The sidebar instructions in Valhalla aren’t exactly ideal since many of the things and controls have to explored by the user. Among them, Quick Action Wheel is a life-saver and you must know that it exists. QAW can be accessed by pressing ‘G’ on your keyboard and it will pop up with many in-game commands. Using Quick Action Wheel, users can use the horn to call clan mates, call Longship, access the fishing gear, and opt for more in-game commands. If you’re stating out in Valhalla, using the QAW feature will be a lifesaver for you. 

4. Unlock Rush & Bash Earlier 

Valhalla contains a number of ranged and melee combat abilities that you can unlock throughout the game but among them, Rush and Bash melee ability is one of the strongest that you could equip. Unlocking it at an earlier stage will give you the advantage to take on higher-level enemies. With this ability, you can throw off enemies off the cliff and also can deal a great deal of damage while stunning them and making them prone to more attacks. If you’re taking on Zealots in the early stages of the game then you’ll love this ability. 

5. Buy Leather and Iron From Vendors 

Wandering around England and looting Iron and Leather could waste several hours and when only one piece of armor takes in all the resources for its upgrade, things start to get annoying. But, you could buy these resources that include Leather, Inglots, Irons, and other supplies from the many vendors scattered around England.

You’ll need silver coins to make the purchase which is quite easy rather than running from one place to another in the quest to find enough resources to upgrade your gear and armor. Furthermore, If you’re running low on silver then you can also sell your unnecessary supplies to the vendors for a premium price. 

6. Unlock Barrack, Stable,  Hidden One’s Bureau, And Seer’s Hut Earlier 

Upgrading the Ravensthorpe will take time and a lot of resources but, if you know which buildings to upgrade first, you’ll be off to a great start. Starting with the Barracks is essential since it can provide the opportunity if hire Jomsvikings that can increase your odds in securing a swift victory in raids and battles. 

The next one on the list, Stable is one of the most important buildings in Ravensthorpe because it can increase the statistics of mounts in the game and allows us to learn new techniques and upgrade the stamina and armor. 

Hidden One’s Bureau is absolutely essential because it will unlock a variety of world events that’ll get you hoards of XP and the opportunity to unlock new skills from the skill tree. Furthermore, unlocking the Hidden One’s Bureau will also teach Eivor the leap of faith which is one of the fundamental parts of the Assasin’s Creed franchise. 

Last but not the least, unlocking Seer’s Hut will give you the opportunity to travel to Asguard and feat with the GOATs. Imagine beheading the wild creatures with help of Thor and dodging Loki’s tricks, the world events that unravel when you unlock the Seer’s Hut will leave you in awe. Aside from all the skill points and XP, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy this segment of the game with the depths of your heart. 

7. Extinguish Poison with Fire

Not many people know this but, you can extinguish poison with fire. For those who are new to the game, the green-ish gas in Valhalla is poison and if you ever get in contact with it, the health bar will start to diminish and if you’re out of rations, this will result in desynchronization. But, you can take care of all the poison by either using fire arrows or a torch. 


Assains’s Creed Valhalla is vast and knowing every little detail about the game can take a little while and although it took us around 50 hours to know this much, we’ve shared some bits and pieces that will come on handy if you haven’t spent much time in Valhalla. 

Even though there are hundreds of perks and features in Valhalla that you should know about, we did our digging and find these 7 best features that will totally change your gaming experience in Valhalla so make sure to try each one of them.

That’s all folks! 

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