Having the strongest and shiniest armor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will increase your odds in intense fights against the king’s guard. But, finding the best armor in Valhalla is a bit hard than imagined. The pieces of the mightiest armor are scattered through England and hidden behind mystery chests. Getting your hands on these fine pieces of metal won’t be easy, you’ll have to use 100% of your brain to get through some of the most intense puzzles ever presented in Assassin’s Creed games. 

From superior to fine, you’ll find plenty of armor sets in Valhalla which you could equip and scare off your enemies. Aside from the aesthetics, having the best armor in Valhalla will give you the bragging rights as well. And while you’re spending countless hours doing various quests around England and Scandinavia, having a shine and bright armor will save you from many deadly creatures around the world. 

In this article, we’ll show you how you can find the best pieces of armor with the highest stats in the game. Moreover, we won’t bore you by listing the reasons why you need these armor, so let’s get started on how to find the best armor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Without any further delay, let’s get right to it. 

Thor’s Armor Set 

One of the strongest armor set in Valhalla, Thor’s Armor pieces are all you’re going to need if you want to stun your enemies and bang them with your electrifying hammer. This armor is utterly powerful and well-balanced because once you’ve equipped all the armor pieces, you’ll get plenty of chances to parry enemy attacks and take heavy hits without losing too much of your health. 

How to find Thor’s Armor Set – Quick Guide 

To get your hands on all the pieces of Thor’s armor, you’ll have to defeat all three daughters of Lerion which includes Regan, Goneril, and Cordelia. 

  • The first daughter, Regan is located in East Anglia near the shores. Players will be able to identify her through the symbols on the map. Regan is one of the fierce enemies in AC Vahalla and if you’re looking to get your hands on all pieces of Thor’s armor then start off by beating Regen in a boss fight. Defeating her will reward you with Thor’s pants
  • The second daughter, Cordelia is equally dangerous and will put up an excellent fight but, you must escape her deadly traps to win Thor’s Gauntlets. Cordelia is located in the middle of East Anglia and her location is also marked on the map. 
  • The third and the last daughter of Lerion, Goneril with her poisonous offense is a bit hard to defeat. Make sure to have plenty of rations to recover your health bar when you’re facing Goneril because she can put up a very good fight and if you’re not too careful, Goneril can be very unforgiving. By defeating Goneril, you’ll get Thor’s breeches and by this time, you’ll have 3 out 5 pieces of Thor’s armor. 

For the fourth piece of Thor’s armor, you’ll have to travel to East Anglia and make your way to the crypt in Lerion Estate. The estate is not marked on the map so you’ll have to find it in the southeast part of the region. Once you’ve managed to reach the depts of the dungeons, there will be a statue will three empty slots. You can plug in all the keys there that you picked after taking down each of the Lerion daughters. Now the can be unlocked and you’ll find Thor’s helmet from it. 

The last piece of the puzzle, Thor’s cape is a bit hard because you will need to eliminate all the members of the order to find the last piece of Thor’s armor. We won’t spoil it for you but once you’ve killed the last and the founding member of the order, you will be rewarded with Thor’s cape which you can wield with pride. 

Thegn Armor Set 

One of the most intimidating outfits in Valhalla, the Thegn armor set is the perfect reward for all those hours you’ve put in making allies around England. When equipped with all the pieces, the looks alone are worthy of all the effort put into finding all the pieces of Thegn armor set. 

Similar to other armor sets, Thegn armor set is also scattered throughout England, and Eivor will need to travel to the ends of the regions to dig all the pieces up. But, finding each individual piece can be a headache and we’ve prepared a quick guide to help you find the Thegn armor in Valhalla. 

How to Find Thegn Armor Set – Quick Guide 

There are 5 total pieces of Thegn armor set in the wild that you’ll need to get your hands on. Starting with the quick guide.

  • The first piece of the armor set, the headgear is located in Wincestre. In the main town of the region, find ‘The Old Mister’ building on a map and once you’ve reached the building, use Odin’s Vision to locate the chest. The chest requires 3 different keys that are hidden across the town. Starting with the first one, you’ll find it near the main Minster building while the second one will be found near the synchronization point.  The third and last key is a bit complicated to find. You’ll need to go around the building and break the windows to get access to the crypt where you can find the third key. Now you can go back and unlock the chest that’ll reward you with the first piece of the armor, the Thegn’s Great Helm.
  • The next item on the agenda, Thegn’s Cloak resides in the southeastern part of Wincestre at Bishop’s residency. Unlike the first item, finding Thegn’s Cloak is quite easy because all you will have to do is infiltrate the building and loot the chest to find the cloak. 
  • Getting your hands on Thegn’s Heavy Tunic isn’t going to be easy because you’ll have to travel back to Eurviscire to locate the piece of the armor. But, once you’ve arrived at this region, look for the symbol that indicates armor on the map. Follow the symbol and you’ll reach a gigantic statue at the corner of the river. Make a pit stop there and find Thegn’s Heavy Tunic underneath the statue and head home. 
  • Wait, don’t head home yet. Another piece of the armor is catching rust in the north of Eurviscire. Surrounded by the treasures of the region, there lie the Thegn’s Bracers. And to finally get to the chest, you’ll have to face off a deadly enemy. But, once you’re done with him, grab the key, make your way to the cellar, loot the chest and now, you can finally head home. 
  • The fifth piece of the armor is located at Glowecestrescire. It a long journey from Eurviscire but, it’s all worth it in the end. The area where Thegn’s Breeches are stored is surrounded by enemies and you’ll have to defeat them and get to the chest to finally put all the pieces of the armor together. 

That’s all folks! 

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