Technological advancements are causing worldwide changes in the gaming universe. With the adaptation of cloud gaming services, the classic gaming-centric hardware is no longer required to enjoy AAA titles. And with COVID and Crypto, working in the medley to cause a shortage in the GPU market, a suitable option to enjoy gaming is to switch to Cloud gaming services. 

Cloud Gaming Services is referred to as a server-based game integration service that lets players enjoy their favorite game, regardless of their hardware. Even with low-end specifications, players get to play their favorite titles as long as they have subscribed to the monthly subscription and have a strong internet connection. 

Best Cloud Gaming Services in 2022 

In today’s round-up, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best Cloud Gaming Services available on the market. If you are tired of spending money to upgrade your hardware every year, see what cheap alternatives are available to maintain your gaming status.

GeForce Now 

Internet Speed Requirements – Minimum 50MB

Monthly Subscriptions – Free / $5/ $20 (RTX 3080 Tier)

4K-Supported – Yes

Supported Devices – Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Shield TV. 

NVIDIA takes the lead in cloud gaming services with its in-house cloud service, GeForce Now. With low latency, great attention to detail, and high performance in fast-paced games, GeForce Now is one of the best cloud gaming services on the market. One of the major reasons behind the continued success of the cloud-based service is that it offers a free tier where players can get to play a handful of games without paying a single penny. 

In the Founder tier, players can enjoy a flawless gaming experience at a 1080p display with 60FPS. Similarly, in the latest tier, the RTX 3080 with RTX and DLSS-enabled, players can enjoy the most graphically demanding games at a whooping 1440p display with a 60FPS lock. Despite the limited game library of GeForce Now, its immersive aspect of allowing players to play across any device is bound to boost its success.

Amazon Luna 

Internet Speed Requirements – Minimum 50MB

Monthly Subscriptions – $6/mo & $12/mo

4K-Supported – No

Supported Devices – Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Fire TV. 

One of the cheapest cloud gaming services on the planet, Amazon Luna is turning heads with its multiple channels starting with a base price of $6/mo subscriptions. Amazon Luna is home to hundreds of AAA titles including Far Cry 6, Control, Resident Evil 7, and hundreds of other top-tier titles. The platform offers low-latency gameplay with decent graphics but while it is in infancy, it lacks support for 2K and 4K displays. 

From Ubisoft+ to Family channels, there’s a wide arsenal of games that players can choose from and play the titles right away. There isn’t a need to download and integrate the games first, instead, players can use Amazon Luna’s very own controller device to play their favorite games on any desired device. Although, a strong internet connection is required to get a taste of the cloud-based gaming service. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud)

Internet Speed Requirements – Minimum 50MB

Monthly Subscriptions – $15

4K-Supported – No.

Supported Devices – Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, 

Microsoft aims to revolutionize the cloud gaming network with its own cloud gaming service. Xbox Cloud Gaming, commonly referred to as xCloud, offers players to take advantage of the network and gain access to hundreds of games listed on the Xbox games library. For just $15 a month, players have access to major AAA titles like Halo, Grand Theft Auto V, and many more. 

Currently, xCloud is in beta mode and only available for Android and iOS-supported applications. Later on, Microsoft plans to launch xCloud for Windows as well. Moreover, the major issue faced by the users of xCloud is the high latency which interrupts a flawless gaming experience. While Microsoft claims to have fixed the issue, more time is needed before xCloud could be utilized to its full potential. Similarly, xCloud is limited to 720p resolution which is a huge bummer for enthusiasts. 

PlayStation Now

Internet Speed Requirements – Minimum 50MB

Monthly Subscriptions –  $5

4K-Supported – Yes.

Supported Devices – Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 & 5. 

Craving some PS-exclusive titles but don’t have access to a PlayStation? Try one of the oldest cloud-based gaming platforms, PlayStation Now. First launched in 2014, Sony’s cloud gaming network was plagued by technical problems and failed to capture the attention of enthusiasts. However, over the past couple of years, the network has matured and managed to resolve all the performance-related issues as well as offer an even larger game library.

Containing all the major entities from The Last of Us to Bloodborne to God of War, subscribers can enjoy the service on PC, PS4, and PS5. The biggest con of PS Now for PC is that it requires players to purchase a DualShock controller which costs around $60 on top of the monthly subscriptions. 


Internet Speed Requirements – Minimum 50MB

Monthly Subscriptions – $12

4K-Supported – Yes.

Supported Devices – Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS, and Apple Tv.

An underrated cloud network that stunned the likes of Google, Sony, and Microsoft, Shadow’s 4K-supported gaming experience makes it stand out from other networks on the market. Developed by a small team at Blade, Shadow offers solid gameplay of most major AAA titles on the market. The biggest downside of Shadow is that it doesn’t offer an extensive library of games and every title that a player wishes to enjoy on the network must first be owned by the player. 

Furthermore, Shadow isn’t limited to gaming services only, users can utilize its computing power to suit their needs. Shadow lets you render and edit 4K videos on Premiere Pro or render highly detailed 3D objects, in addition to a flawless gaming experience. 


With the cloud-based gaming system, you can not only play your favorite games anywhere, but you can also play them on any device. The world is moving away from conventional gaming to the cloud-based gaming system, which is not just cheap, but also flexible.

Mentioned above were the best cloud gaming services currently available on the market in 2022. In case you are not in awe of spending any more of your lunch money on purchasing the latest hardware to suit your gaming needs, it’s time to shift to cloud-based gaming services. 

That’s all folks! 

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