CO-OP games have a strong grasp over the online gaming scene and Payday 2 is one of the reasons why. Featuring memorable heists in the midst of the most secured forts, Payday 2’s gameplay is hard to forget. It’s why, even after years of its release, it continues to be active with hundreds of players getting a piece of the action each day. While Payday 2 is a truly remarkable CO-OP game on the market, there are a few similar games like Payday 2 on the market that enthusiasts must get their hands on. 

Best Games Like Payday 2

In today’s roundup, we’ll be listing the best games like Payday 2 that are available at our disposal. 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

A CO-OP masterpiece from Ubisoft, R6S is a phenomenal 3rd-person shooter set in the wilderness of the world. Featuring a massive online lobby with various different modes of play available at your convenience, R6S emphasizes team cooperation between players in order to win glory for their team. R6S is laden with lush-green scenery coupled with perfectly rendered graphics that leave you in awe. If you enjoy the CO-OP play in Payday 2, you’ll love this one. 

Killing Floor 2

If you’re into hunting down zombies and other creatures of the underworld with the assistance of your friends, Killing Floor 2 is right up your alley. Featuring multiple modes where players are thrown into a deep jungle filled with mythical creatures, players team up and take the fight head-on using the large arsenal of weapons that’s available at their disposal. With stunning graphics, stellar in-game mechanics, and most importantly, a well-balanced CO-OP simulation, Killing Floor is one of the best games like Payday 2 currently on the market. 

GTA Online 

Looting banks, planning heists, and killing tons of police NPCs in the meantime, GTA Online will remind you of Payday 2 in more ways than one could imagine. It has a vast network with millions of active players. And although it does not need any introduction, GTA Online offers a CO-OP simulated/improvised gameplay where friends and family can team up and pull off the heists of the century. 

Almost a decade later after its release, GTA Online is still alive and its servers are home to hundreds of players. And ever since its availability on the next-gen console, the number is only growing. Moreover, GTA Online is the closest it can get to Payday 2 and for those who were after the best games like Payday 2 on the market, GTA Online is the answer. 

7 Days to Die

If you’re more into action-inspired CO-OP games then you’ll love ‘7 Days to Die’. It is a CO-OP survival game where hoards of zombies rush in to taste your flesh. But, players, with the help of their peers, must enforce the defenses to stop the zombies in their tracks and land heavy blows to the trapped zombies and call it a day. 

Everything from planning to the core mechanics of the game is similar to Payday 2. And since it is a CO-OP, you can invite your friends and create fond memories as you take the fight to the flesh-eating monsters. 

Warhammer Vermintide 2

A first-person hack-n-slash title that features rats and otherworldly creatures, Vermintide 2 might interest you if you want to switch to sticks and stones instead of ARs and Bazookas. With CO-OP the core essence of the gameplay, Vermintide 2 offers fast-paced gameplay where players must test their might against various sorts of creatures. In contrast to some CO-OP games, Vermintide 2 places great emphasis on team unity, so if you’re into team-building exercises through the means of gaming, Warhammer Vermintide 2 is the game for you.

Red Dead Redemption 2

In case you’re into bank robberies and ripping off every rich man you come across in the wilderness of the west, Red Dead Redemption 2 will not disappoint. Talking about the campaign of the game here, it is the most remarkable open-world game we’ve seen in a million years. RDR2 features various heists, from robbing moving trains to taking the fight to the Pinkertons in the town bank. Even though the scenarios are simulated and you cannot invite your friends, playing the heist missions is by far, the best CO-OP with NPCs you’ll ever come across. 

Aside from all the fighting and the robbery stuff, the storyline coupled with the perfectly rendered environment is a sight for sore eyes. Everything from the peaks of the mountains to the marks left by the horses speaks of the extraordinary work done by the developers. 

Dying Light 

With emphasis placed on CO-OP and team unity, Dying Light takes place in a world filled with unforgiving flesh-eating zombies. With the opportunity of teaming up with 3 other players in the multiplayer mode, players can complete various quests and hunt down zombies in many parts of the town. While the world is huge with tons of stuff to do, one simply cannot take on the zombies alone, and hence, team unity is a vital part of the game. 

After years of waiting, Techland, developers behind Dying Light, have released the 2nd game in the franchise, Dying Light 2. The second installment is a huge improvement with more vivid gameplay and even fierce zombies. While it doesn’t seem to have any bank heists planned for you like Payday 2, players will definitely enjoy it if they only aim to spend quality time with their peers. 


Payday 2 offers remarkable gameplay and the memories one makes are irreplaceable. And while the gameplay like Payday 2 where players involved in intense PVP battles is hard to replicate, the games mentioned above wouldn’t disappoint if you’re after games that employ CO-OP play. And since most of these games offer cross-platform play, players can have a good time with their friends, regardless of the gaming devices.

Rumors are that the third installment in the Payday franchise is around the corner. If you cannot seem to find any interest in the games mentioned above or if you’ve already spent a good few hours on each of the games mentioned above, you can wait for the latest entry in the franchise to satisfy your cravings. 

That’s all folks! 

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