Our never-ending obsession with games has forced us to get our hands on every latest game that we could find in the wild. From playing PacMan in the early days of gaming to enjoying the exceptionally developed games like Ghosts of Tsushima, we have a strong bond with games. And thankfully, the year 2021 is a bit generous for gamers because it’s filled with hordes of games coming our way.

In today’s round-up, we’ve decided to collect the best games of 2021 that you can’t miss. Hold onto your hats and read till the word to find out our picks for the best games of the year that you must play at least once in your life. 

Our Picks

Battlefield 2042

With its captivating offerings, EA’s newest entry in the Battlefield franchise has left gamers in awe. A new entry in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 2042 focuses on providing modern combat tactics through online-only multiplayer gameplay.

Unfortunately, the developers have confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will not feature a campaign this time around and that there won’t be a battle royal mode available at the time of release either. In addition, some hints suggest that a battle royale mode may come down the road, but at launch, Battlefield 2042 will have its own unique modes that will set it apart from other FPS games.

On October 22, 2021, Battlefield 2042 will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. In the meantime, players can sign up for free-to-play open betas to see what the game has to offer. Our list of the best games of 2021 had to start with the most hyped game of the year, and if you like competitive games, you’ll love Battlefield 2042


Valhiem sets the bar really high with its captivating gameplay that makes you forget about the outside world as you explore deep dungeons and snow-capped mountains. The game Valhiem was recently released: it is a survival game that pushes your limits both physically and mentally as you explore the wide world in search of resources, talents, and treasures.

When you encounter monsters and other-worldly beings willing to feast on your blood and flesh, it won’t be easy to find treasure. Playing the game and interacting with the world can be quite interesting, because of the graphics which are a delight for the eyes, even if slightly pixelated. Each scenario is better looking than the previous one. For a survival game, Valhiem did exceptionally well and it was able to attract attention from all corners of the world.

Released in February of 2021, Valhiem managed to generate millions in revenue and received positive reviews from survival-game enthusiasts. We’re halfway into the year and Valhiem is one of the few survival games that was able to impress us and it is our honor to include Valhiem in our best games of 2021 list.

Resident Evil Village

With danger lurking from every corner, Resident Evil Village marks the start of the next-gen horror games with realistic graphics and attention to detail that left gamers reaching for the sheets. And when you’re going toe-to-toe with the likes of Lady Dumitrescu and her daughters, you don’t stand a chance unless you unleash hell upon them, using various strategic tactics.

The eighth installment in the series, Resident Evil Village is set a few years later after the events of RE7 and following a similar plotline, Ethan is again on the hunt and looking to solve the horrific mysteries but things get quite intense when he’s figured out who’s the real culprit. Without spoiling too much, RE Village features a talented cast backed by an excellent plot line that’ll make your money’s worth.

Another year and another Resident Evil game but, with a super intense soundtrack and realism up a notch, thanks to its flawless graphics and mechanics, Resident Evil Village makes the cut to be on our list of the best games of 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise

After the huge success of Monster Hunter World, Capcom take matters to the next level with the new entry in the series, Monster Hunter Rise. It takes you deep into the vividly bright world where innumerable beasts are ready to be slain but, aside from slicing the beastly monsters, gamers have the opportunity to explore the wide world of Monster Hunter Rise and enjoy the stunning visuals.

Monster Hunter Rise deserves all the attention and since the deeply interactive RPG elements were introduced in this installment, Monster Hunter Rise attracts games from all genres, offering a memorable time for all kinds of gamers on the spectrum.

Revolving around the core idea of killing monsters and cruel creatures of the world to get craft powerful armor and weaponry, Monster Hunter Rise sets itself apart by bringing balanced combat tactics backed with an engaging set of side quests.


Returnal’s fine attention to detail, lively atmosphere with stranger aliens of the outer worlds make it a number one contender for one of the best games of 2021. Returnal is an action/survival game developed by Housemarque, famous for developing outer-space games. Furthermore, Returnal is a PS-Exclusive game that tells the dark tale of a lost astronaut who crash-landed on an alien planet and has to survive laser-blasting aliens.

Returnal offers rogue-like gameplay with detailed environments that show off the stunning craftsmanship of the designers. If not for the story, gamers could stand on the ledge and appreciate the stunning visuals for hours on end. Furthermore, the story is quite captivating but since the game is mostly focused on using futuristic laser blasters and otherworldly weaponry, the gamers mostly have to rely on offensive and survival tactics.

Beautiful story, balanced combat, and appealing visuals, Returnal is a perfectly balanced game that you must check out. However, it being PS-exclusive bars many enthusiasts from getting their hands on this one but nevertheless, Returnal is worthy of all the appreciation it received from around the globe.

That’s all folks!

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