Teaming up with or against your friends and engaging in highly competitive rounds is one of the finest highlights of our gaming sessions. The memories created during such moments last forever, and when we’re old and wise, we’ll look back at such memories to cherish the beautiful moments we had. However, with hardware restrictions, gamers are forced to try games that support cross-platform play.

If you were living under a rock and are not familiar with the term, cross-platform play refers to the game’s feature that enables players to connect from different platforms and play with each other. Regardless of the hardware, players from either consoles or PC can play these supported games on the same server. 

Games That Supports Cross-platform Play: Our Picks 

Fortunately, there are tons of games out there in the wild that support cross-platform play, and in today’s round-up, we present the best games with cross-platform play support.


Genre – Action/Shooter

Developer – Epic Games 

Supported Cross-platform Devices – PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS,, Xbox Series X, and PS5

Moving the world toward next-gen warfare, Epic’s Fortnite boasts its success with millions of players tunning in each day to get a piece of the cake. Constantly ruling the charts of the best online multiplayer titles, Fortnite’s CO-OP feature was vital in the continued success of the game. Offering cross-platform play for all the major consoles and PCs, it is one of the finest action games out there if you’re looking for competitive games with a touch of adventure. 

For Honor 

Genre – Action/ Hack-n-slash

Developer – Ubisoft

Supported Cross-platform Devices – PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows 

Fascinated by the concept of sword fights and wanted to lay a good blow or two to your friends? For Honor is the place to be. Despite being released a few years back, Ubisoft just decided to add cross-platform functionality to For Honor, making it easier for players across different platforms and generations to get a piece of the action. 

No Man’s Sky 

Genre – Adventure/Open-World 

Developer – Hello Games 

Supported Cross-platform Devices –  PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows 

Dive deep into the cosmos and unravel the mysteries of the great unknown, engage with alieny creatures, and build fascinating ships, if this sounds interesting, hop on the bandwagon of the No Man’s Sky. Despite being criticized initially, developers have rolled out content-filled updates for the game, optimizing it for an enthusiast’s liking. Furthermore, No Man’s Sky supports cross-platform play, making it accessible for players to come together a play alongside each other, regardless of the hardware requirements. 

Rocket League

Genre – Sports 

Developer – Psyonix

Supported Cross-platform Devices – Xbox One, Switch, PS4 and Microsoft Windows 

Playing ball with your cars has never been so much fun before. Developed by Psyonix, Rocket League is a football-inspired sports game where players use their cars in an expansive field to take control of the ball and score goals. The nitro boosted cars with pleasing aesthetics are extremely fun to play with, especially when you’re playing along with your fellows. Fortunately, Rocket League supports cross-platform play, making it possible for players across various hardware to come together to enjoy a competitive match. 

Among Us

Genre – Tactical 

Developer – InnerSloth LLC

Supported Cross-platform Devices –  Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows 

Among Us rose to new heights of success over the past couple of years. Having been played for millions of hours, Among Us managed to excite the gamers with its offerings which many of the top-rated games failed to provide. Despite being developed by a handful of people in a single room, Among Us is still quite popular for its addictive gameplay. In Among Us, players are deployed in a space shuttle to find a traitor and make sure they’re not being manipulated. This is an extremely enjoyable game, and when you factor in its cross-platform compatibility, it underscores just how good the game is.

Farming Simulator 22

Genre – Simulation Game 

Developer – GIANTS 

Supported Cross-platform Devices – PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows 

Feeding the hens, attending to the cows, and harvesting the crops are all fun when you’re doing it alone. But, if you have a few friends to help you sort out your farm, it’s even more fun and enjoyable. The latest installment in the franchise, Farming Simulator 2022 supports the cross-platform functionality, making it possible for players across different devices to come together and help each other on their farms. 

Aside from various chores lying around, aesthetically pleasing graphics, and stunning gameplay, Farming Simulator 2022 also takes pride in offering a gigantic ecosystem that lets players experience life on a farm in a true sense.  


Genre – Adventure/SandBox 

Developer – Mojang Studios 

Supported Cross-platform Devices – Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS 

With millions of players tunning each day to dip their toes into the expansive sandbox world, Minecraft has had heaps of success and it is now also offering cross-platform functionality to its players. Players across different consoles can join each other in an online lobby due to the cross-platform functionality of the game. Moreover, Minecraft is a playground for creative minds. From creating huge cities from scratch to building an amusement park the size of the Cayman Islands, there is no stop to creativity in Minecraft and if someone is looking to play this with their friends, all they have to do is invite them over with a single click. 

Call of Duty: Warzone 

Genre – Action/Shooter 

Developer – Infinity Ward 

Supported Cross-platform Devices –  PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X, and PS5

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most successful online shooters of recent time. Having been laden with diverse weaponry and maps containing various terrains, Warzone remains close to the hearts of many enthusiasts. While the competitive nature of the game may have scared off players who aren’t too keen on trying their skills against flesh-eating opponents, it is still a viable option to play with your friends. Having cross-platform play compatibility, Warzone can be played across various different consoles and computers. 

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