The 21st century isn’t short on gaming devices, on the contrary, we have a lot of options to choose from. At the start of the century, Nintendo and 64-bit gaming devices were widely used to get a taste of competitive gaming but, in recent years, the gaming industry has evolved tremendously, and now, there’s a handful of gaming consoles that you can buy with just a single click.

Throughout today’s round-up, we’ll weigh the different pros and cons of some of the best gaming devices out there and they will be ranked accordingly. Bear with us as we take a deep dive into the debate of what is the best gaming device and offer our insights on which devices are the best when it comes to playing hard-core games.

Best Gaming Devices: Gamer’s Opinion

Gaming PC

One cannot simply beat the performance and joy that a Gaming PC could offer. We’ve crowned Gaming PC as the best gaming device that you could find in the wild for a majority of reasons. The main reason that forced us to crown Gaming PC is that it offers exceptional performance with fascinating visuals that are almost impossible to find elsewhere.

Furthermore, one of the best perks of a Gaming PC is that gamers have the opportunity to spend a specific amount on their PC. For gamers that want a PC that is under $200, they can easily build one and enjoy 1080p gaming with decent FPS.

And on the other hand, if someone is willing to spend a large chunk of money to build an overkill build, they can do that as well. The flexibility that a Gaming PC could offer is beyond imagination.

Building a Gaming PC specifically for hard-core gaming, however, can be a bit expensive and it will definitely break your bank. Also, a person that’s not well-versed in PC gaming equipment could also face some issues and these are the only major downsides of a gaming PC.

Nevertheless, a Gaming PC is well worth it and if you’re looking for a gaming device that would run games like 4K/60Fps then buying a Gaming PC would make a lot of sense.

PlayStation 4

The highly-rated console from Sony, PlayStation 4 steals our hearts with its offering. Featuring decent specs and a huge spectrum of games to choose from, PlayStation 4 will definitely be remembered as the best console out there. Performance-wise, PlayStation 4 is unbeatable compared to its peers and it truly offers an exciting gaming experience.

From a price point, PlayStation 4 was priced quite cheaply and gamers could play games of their choice for a decent sum without breaking their bank. However, finding free games on PlayStation 4 is almost impossible and you have to purchase every other game to enjoy them.

The reason why we choose PlayStation 4 over PlayStation 5, for now, is because the next-gen PS5 is fairly new and doesn’t feature many games yet. Although, in a couple of years, there will be a large spectrum of games available on the consoles and hopefully, the newly-designed PS5 heating issues will also be resolved by them.

Moreover, PS-exclusive titles like Uncharted 4 and God of War also played a huge part in the success of this console, and to be honest, our affections for PlayStation 4 wouldn’t be the same without such titles. Lastly, PlayStation 4 is an incredible and one of the best gaming devices that you’ll ever get across.

Nintendo Switch

A portability feature, exclusive titles, and a great selection of games make Nintendo Switch well deserving of inclusion on this list. Nintendo consoles have always dominated the gaming industry since the late ’90s and each version of the Nintendo console brought priceless joy to us.

One of the biggest issues faced by modern gamers is portability; however, Nintendo Switch appears to be the solution to this issue. And when you have exclusive titles like The Legend of Zelda, you cannot go wrong with this console. Aside from excellent Nintendo exclusive titles, Nintendo offers decent performance with excellent graphics that often blow you away with their attention to detail and exotic visuals.

The price of this gaming device also played a huge role in the success of the Nintendo Switch. For as low as $300, gamers could find some pretty good deals and enjoy endless gaming without having to worry about a thing. Gaming on the go was revolutionized with Nintendo Switch and this feature alone made Nintendo Switch one of the most sold gaming devices.

Often overlooked in the multiplayer genre, Nintendo Switch managed to turn around its reputation by offering a port for games like Fortnite. Earlier, games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Minecraft heavily influenced the Nintendo gaming community and there wasn’t much scope for FPS games. All-in-all, Nintendo Switch is well worth it if you’re looking for a decent and cheap gaming device.

Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s flagship console lineup got an excellent addition this year, the Xbox Series X. This newly-released next-gen console from Microsoft blew gamers away with its unique features and gaming performance that’s off the charts. Unbeatable loading times and 60FPS/4K performance with capabilities of hitting 8K, Xbox Series X is every gamer’s dream.

The price, however, is a bit high and, considering the specifications that are installed inside of this black box, we’d say that it’s not too pricey. Furthermore, Xbox Series X not only brings tons of exclusive titles but also, it is backward-compatible as well, meaning that gamers can play games that were released on previous Xbox consoles as well.

Although, the list of games that are currently available on Xbox Series X is quite short and you’ll mostly find AAA titles on there for the time being. Considering that it was released just a few months ago, it’s justified that the console doesn’t have many games on the offering. Nevertheless, Xbox-exclusive games like Halo Infinite have already made the headlines and will be available to gamers by the end of the year.

In conclusion, Xbox Series X offers remarkable performance and it comes with rigid build quality. Heating issues that are often a worry for gamers are something that you don’t have to worry about because of its flawless heat dissipation. Lastly, Xbox Series X might be a bit costly but the performance impressed us and that’s why we are proud to crown it as one of the best gaming devices of all time.

That’s all folks!

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