Even though Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, it is still very much alive to this day, with more and more players enjoying its endless multiplayer scenarios. Rockstar is adding new content to GTA Online every few months which is keeping the game alive and because GTA VI is nowhere to be seen, GTA fanatics have left no stone unturned in GTA V. Well if you’re also tired of playing the same campaign again and again then here are a few GTA V mods that you cannot miss. 

Best GTA V Mods in 2021

Xranovision’s ReShade

It is impossible to get bored looking at the brilliant colors and top-notch rendering of GTA V’s graphics. But, if you’re ready to experience more vibrant colors and a sharp environment then Xranovision’s ReShade is the best out there. 

With this mod installed, you will be able to play GTA V with realistic graphics previously unimaginable. Multiple Redux mods were released earlier to optimize the graphics but they had performance issues. However, with this one mod, you’ll get featuring longer shadows, increased contrast, and stable frame rates. 

While many ’reshade mods’ suffer from a performance drop, Xranovision’s ReShade keeps frame rates stable while providing realistic gameplay. Installing this mod will also significantly change your gameplay experience. 

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ATM Robberies And  Bank Heists 

Despite the fact that GTA V’s campaign offers a lot of heists and robberies, they weren’t enough to satisfy our urge to loot ATMs and pull off bank robberies. Luckily, we have a mod that adds dozens of new ATMs and bank robberies to the game, making it even more enjoyable for us. 

A player can steal anywhere between $20,000 and $20,000,000 from these bank robberies, but he/she must evade 5 wanted stars and keep the money in a safe house. Similarly, ATMs can also be looted, though players only get around $1000, which is insultingly low considering the cost of everything in GTA V. 

Other than local banks and ATMs, players have the option of looting the union depository and traveling to North Yankton to loot the central bank. The payout is extremely high but you need to be prepared to face an army of law enforcement agents. 

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Iron Man 

Tony Stark, tired of fighting Thanos and his minions, moved to Los Santos to fight crime and ward off the bad guys. With Iron Man mod, players will be able to control Iron Man’s skills, including flying, super strength, Iron vision, and more. 

Fly across the map in a matter of minutes, the Iron Man mod is setting the bar very high with all its perks. After all, it’s a Marvel superhero and you shouldn’t expect anything less from him.

The Iron Man mod is fun to play and even in 2021, this is one of the most popular GTA V mods that you’ll find out there. If you ever feel like playing a superhero then Iron Man mod is highly recommended. 

Vice City Overhaul 

Vice City Overhaul is perfect for those who have been following GTA for three decades. It blends a lot of nostalgia with brand new features, but can still be appreciated in its original form. With this mod, the map of Vice City is added to GTA V. The modders have done an excellent job graphically rendering the classic Vice City map. 

Vice City offers a wide range of activities, from exploring the beaches to visiting the famous Malibu club. A large team of modders worked on it, which is why it is considered to be one of the best. 

To get things started, the modding team has released a beta version of the mod to get it off the ground. But hopefully, by the end of the year, a finalized mod will be available with all the bugs fixed and an even better visual representation of Vice City. 

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The Red House

For the past couple of years, we have played GTA V’s main campaign countless times and it has become pretty boring to play over and over again. That is until the modder community released ‘The Red House’, which adds it to the main campaign with over 30 new missions.

Missions include carrying out assassinations of gang members and also, a heist has also been added to the camping. As an enthusiast, we really appreciate the efforts of the modders to make the game more fun for all the OGs.  

This mod offers a range of exciting missions, including a heist and mob cleanup. The bonus amounts for each mission range from $7500 to $150,000. If you’re running low on cash, download this mod right away. 

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Our dream to play as a cop in Grand Theft Auto V is finally completed with the ‘PoliceLifeS’ mod. This GTA V mod allows us to play as a cop and bring peace to Los Santos. Arresting criminals and putting an end to gangs war is now your duty and you must work an 8-hours shift each day to get all the rewards. 

Each shift comes with awards in the shape of money. Players will get up to $1200 after every 8-hour shift. In this time, players will get extra rewards for chasing down criminals and putting them in cuffs. 

Without any doubt, PoliceLifeS is one of the best GTA V mods that you could find out there and if you want to try your luck as a rookie officer in Los Santos then this is the best mod for you.

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With thousands of mods available on the market, it can get a bit complicated to pick just a handful of them. Nevertheless, we’ve found these GTA V mods to be the best available in 2021. The modding community is releasing new GTA V mods each week and a few of them are extremely good. So in the meantime, we’ll be eyeing the latest mods to see if they deserve to be featured on our list. 

That’s all folks. 

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