Apple’s MacBooks aren’t really made for gaming purposes and although they’re deadly fast and powerful, they’re purely manufactured for non-gaming purposes only. However, the limitations of a MacBook didn’t stop gamers from getting their hands on their favorit titles available for macOS.

Many enthusiasts love playing racing games and luckily, there’s a handful of them that you can play on your MacBook as well.

In today’s round-up, we’ll be counting down our picks for the best Mac racing games that are readily available on Steam. Bear with us till the very end to find our picks and make sure to give us your suggestions as well.

Best Mac Racing Games on Steam: Countdown

Dirt Rally

An absolute gem from Codemasters, Dirt Rally blew the enthusiasts away with its brutal racing that took everything you had in the tank. Unlike most racing games, Dirt Rally makes you work for your wins with a constant need for improvement for more intense races down the line.

And as for the gameplay, the surroundings are stunning with multiple different terrains to choose from and a soothing driving experience that makes everything feel surreal. A key aspect of Dirt Rally that draws in the audience is the unmatched racing experience that it provides.

Luckily, Dirt Rally is available on macOS and it does run flawlessly on most MacBooks. Dirt Rally can be purchased through Steam and if you decide to get your hands on it, you will be quite pleased with your purchase.

F1 2017

One of the most realistic driving simulators of our time, F1 2017 smashed all the records with its unique gameplay and detailed races, offering the true experience of F1 races. Also developed by Codemasters, F1 2017 received worldwide acclaim for its excellent gameplay and supercars.

Furthermore, F1 2017 features a wide variety of cars, with the addition of car optimization and modification to give you an edge in intense races. The difficulty is quite balanced but at times, you do feel like competing against real-life F1 racers. Nevertheless, with many different cars and tracks, F1 2017 has a lot to offer and offers a memorable time.

Unfortunately, the next installments in the F1 franchise from F1 2017 onwards are not available for macOS. However, F1 2017 is available on macOS along with a few DLCs as well and we’ve heard that it runs quite flawlessly on Macs. If you’re looking for racing games on Mac on Steam, then F1 2017 is highly recommended.

Road Redemption

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Road Redemption takes you back to the days of MotoRider. With shovels and sticks in one hand and accelerator in the other, Road Redemption takes things to the next level by introducing brutal yet full of fun gameplay with a group of rebels racing against the time.

Like most racing games, Road Redemption features a wide variety of bikes with a lot of choices for modification and engine optimization of your ride. As for the gameplay, Road Redemption does feel like an action game at times because you’ll be smashing the heads of your peers most of the time instead of focusing on the road and handling your ride.

To be honest, Road Redemption isn’t the most attractive racing game and it does not attract a large audience but, if you’re looking to have a fun time while cherishing memories from the older times then Road Redemption with its bitter taste will offer an entertaining ride.

    Rocket League

    Not exactly a mainstream racing game where you’ll be playing against your peers in a match where the winner takes all. Instead, you’ll have to man up and be up against some of the fiercest lobby filled with skilled players and play Football, but with a twist. Instead of using your feet, you’ll have to drive around in your cars to score goals and defend your own net as well.

    Sophisticated design with stunning graphics and brutal gameplay, Rocket League is one of the best racing games that you’ll find on a Mac. Rocket League is an online game and it does not feature a single-player mode but, if you’ve played it once, you’ll be returning from time to time for a taste of victory.

    To have access to Rocket League through Steam, players must’ve purchased the game before Steam took the game off their store. Unfortunately, if you’re a bit too late then you can download Rocket League free on your Macs through the Epic Games store.

      Star Drift Evolution

      With just a handful of games to choose from, Star Drift Evolution does make the cut with its simple and straightforward gameplay. All it takes to be the king of the hill is driving and keeping control over your ride, especially on the corners and ta-da, you’re crowned.

      Star Drift Evolution does offer intense races as well and unless you’re an expert at racing games, you may want to practice a bit before racing against the pros. Furthermore, the gameplay is rather mediocre but the driving experience is significantly better.

      There’s a lot more room for improvements as well but, the developers did manage to offer a fun ride for the gamers, especially the ones that play on Macs. Star Drift Evolution can be purchased for Macs through Steam and it only costs a handful of bucks. It may not be the most realistic driving simulator out there, but it does deserve a shot.


      For some casual gamers, Distance seems like a game that is inspired by some alien-racing prototype. And the sophistication of this game left us in awe and when you factor in the unique gameplay and driving experience, Distance blows off the roof and offers much more than its peers could ever put on the table.

      Interesting and lit-up tracks, futuristic gameplay with a race against time, Distance is surely a thing that we haven’t seen before. But, the only thing that bums you out is that we’re speeding in our speedster on a straight road with no road bumps or peers that could cut us off until the laser beams start to appear because then, you’ll be doing all the parkour skills to keep yourself alive.

      As for the competitiveness of the game, there’s a multiplayer mode available as well where you can compete against a handful of players. Lastly, Distance is also one of the best racing games on Mac that is also readily available on Steam as well so grab your copy and fasten your seat belt for one lit-up ride.

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