Since the battle royale trend swept the gaming world a few years ago, we have seen a handful of multiplayer shooters but, unfortunately, the top tier was occupied by a select few. Ultimately, gamers have many options to choose from in 2021, and if you’re not interested in playing battle royale games only then we’ve compiled a list of the best multiplayer shooters that includes all sorts of games for you to enjoy in 2021, and we invite you to continue reading till the last moments to find our picks. 

Best Multiplayer Shooters Games in 2021

1. Battlefield 2042

EA took its time to release their very own battle royale, Battlefield 2042. The Battle Royale game has been something we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. 

Unfortunately, Battlefield 2042 does not feature a single-player campaign and it costs you quite a penny whereas most battle royale games are free-to-play but, it’s EA that we’re talking about and there’s nothing you can expect from them that’s free of cost.

Due to the flawless mechanics and engaging gameplay this game offers, you are sure to be blown away by the excellent battle royale experience it gives you. 

2. Call of Duty: Warzone 

Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale game like no other. It is incredibly competitive, very challenging, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. This free-to-play battle royale has been around for quite a while and has garnered praise from millions of people around the world. 

CODWZ has multiple battle modes and you can invite your friends and play with them as well. Yet, over the years, Warzone hasn’t exactly been kind to new players because of the matchmaking. For someone who hasn’t experienced a battle royale as intense as this one, things can get pretty nasty. 

The Warzone menu allows players to switch between COD: Cold War and COD: MW if they prefer old-style classic multiplayer shooters. In conclusion, players who are interested in finding out how they compare with the best players in the world may want to try Warzone. 

3. Valorant 

A ramped-up version of CS: GO, Valorant is a must-play FPS of the year. In many ways, it is quite similar to CS: GO, however when the magical abilities of each agent kick in, the game start to diverge. In Valorant, each agent has its own abilities which it can use to evade, trap or eliminate enemies. 

Valorant contains various PvP modes which are quite interesting and it offers a true classic old-school multiplayer shooter experience. Moreover, the matchmaking and the actual gunplay in Valorant are quite decent, and anyone plugging into the game for the first time is likely to have a good time.

Valorant is receiving monthly updates and new content is being added to the game with each update. Valorant’s best perk is that it is not graphically intensive, which means that you can play it even with a midrange PC, unlike most modern games that require a high-end setup. 

4. Apex Legends 

Apex Legends is an out-of-the-box battle royale game that is also free to play. With 16 different legends, each with special abilities and strengths, Apex Legends sets itself apart from the rest of the battle royale games. 

This game features hundreds of guns, multiple maps, and multiple game modes. In terms of combat tactics, Apex Legends includes everything you can expect from a multiplayer shooter: snipers, shootguns, magical abilities, melee weapons, and much more. 

A nice part of Apex Legends is its matchmaking system since you are unlikely to match up with strong opponents in your first few matches. While there are a lot of tweaks and changes you could make to enhance your experience, if you have the skills, you should be able to succeed on this one.

5. Call of Duty: Mobile 

One of the fastest-growing multiplayer shooter games, Call of Duty: Mobile is a must-play and you cannot afford to miss it. It offers a variety of modes to choose from which includes Gun Fight, Battle Royale, Team Matches, Free For All, and many more modes that come with each update. 

The battle royale mode probably stands out among all of the things this game has to offer. Similar to other games, each player is deployed in a large base, where they must fight their way through 99 other players before they can claim victory. Players can choose between several different classes, each with its own advantages and special perks which come in handy during the match. 

All in all, CODM is an excellent multiplayer shooter and we highly recommend it. In addition to that, CODM is also available on PC and for that, you need to download Tencent’s  Android simulator. 

6. Destiny 2

It continues to be a hit and with each new update, Destiny 2 is bringing players even more enjoyment. For those of you who are unaware, Destiny 2 is a sci-fi multiplayer shooter that offers a completely unique gameplay experience that includes flawless combat maneuvers. 

Personalized abilities, a diverse arsenal of weapons, and perfect matchmaking. Destiny 2 has everything you’d expect from a top-tier shooter. Additionally, even though this game was released several years ago, it still has a very active community and you will find thousands of players active at the same time, striving for victory. 

From a gamer’s perspective, Destiny 2 offers something truly distinct that we haven’t seen before and if you’re tired of the same-old classical shoot-to-kill multiplayer shooters then we highly recommend giving this one a shot. 


Craving some real-time multiplayer action? Must try all of these since most of them are free multiplayer shooter games and you won’t have to pay a penny to get your hands on them. In the meantime, these were our picks for the best multiplayer shooter games that you must play in 2021. 

If you feel like we’ve missed something, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

That’s all folks.

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