There was a time when critics believed single-player games to become obsolete. Many believed that the future of gaming only involved multiplayer games like Fortnite or Warzone. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case because single-player gamers are equally important and they’re the reason behind the success of the trillion-dollar gaming industry over the years.

And as we look forward to the year 2022, we have many excellent single-player games coming our way. This year is filled with excellent games, from the latest Zelda game to the latest Bethesda offerings. In today’s round-up, we’ll be covering the best single-player games coming in 2022. 

Best Single Player Games Coming in 2022: Our Picks 

God of War Ragnarok

The God of War Ragnarok is going to be the latest entry in the franchise and it’s going to be a big one. Releasing almost after 4 years after the last one, God of War Ragnarok continues the quest of Kratos and his son. From Midgard to the depths of hell, we’ve been everywhere but hopefully, the next one will offer us a chance to witness more realms and have many incredible boss fights. 

Hogwarts Legacy 

Easily the most anticipated title of the year, gamers have their eyes set upon Hogwarts Legacy. With the Harry Potter franchise as a backdrop, we are introduced to an idyllic world where we will step into the shoes of Witches and Wizards as we visit Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and many iconic places from the franchise. Escaping the muggleness would definitely intrigue anyone and that is what makes Hogwarts Legacy one of the most anticipated and one of the best single-player games coming in 2022. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

In its highly anticipated sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 presents a new series of adventures for Zelda. Across worlds and skies, this sequel is a big one. Moreover, being one of the most successful titles on Nintendo, the sequel to the original game is very anticipated by the fans and they’ve already marked their calendars. 

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Since we’re far from hearing anything on the movie production of the sequel to the original movie, there’s some good news. And it’s that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, an action/adventure game in the works and is heading to all major gaming platforms this year. Revolving around the civilization of the Avaratrs and their never-ending fight with the oppressors. Developed by Ubisoft, we have high hopes for this one and we’re sure that it will live up to the expectations. 

Elden Ring

The latest installment in the Elder Scrolls franchise, Elden Ring is all set to hit the shelves in the second month of 2022. Bringing back the most fierce dragons and the most breathtaking peaks, Bethesda’s much-awaited RPG is without a doubt, one of the best single-player games we’ll be witnessing this year. Seeing how Skyrim was deeply appreciated and kept close to the hearts of gamers, we’re confident that Elden Ring will live up to the expectations and set the bar even higher. 

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Haven’t had a chance to play the first one? Well, this sequel, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, is going to be more terrifying with flesh-eating zombies. A survival game that’s been in development forever, Dying Light 2 Stay Human is the second installment in the franchise and it’s set 20 years in the future from the first one. Featuring a new protagonist, Aiden Caldwell. The much-awaited sequel will be dropping in the first few days of February so make sure to mark the calenders! 

Ghostwire: Tokyo

When the population of Tokyo vanishes after the arrival of mysterious extraterritorial forces, you must ward off the evil by eliminating it in the well-lit stress of Tokyo. Ghostwire: Tokyo is an upcoming PS-exclusive action/adventure game that many fans are hyped for. And since the previous games set in Japan including Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice and Ghost of Tsushima did extremely well, the expectations for Ghostwire: Tokyo are through the roof. 

Horizon Forbidden West

Continuing the adventure of Aloy and fighting off the most ridiculous electro-dinosaurs gets even more intense in Horizon Forbidden West. And with the threat that could be a harbinger of doom, there’s alot of mysteries to be unraveled, bosses to be defeated, and exploration to be done to stop that. 

And what could be better than spending a good few hours into a well-written story in a stunning-looking world that’s filled with our long-lost buddies, dinosaurs? The second installment in the franchise, Horizon Forbidden West is highly anticipated by the gamers and we’ve been way too excited for this one as well. 

Gotham Knights  

Since we won’t be getting a new Batman game, there’s still hope with the exciting upcoming single-player game called Gotham Knights. Features a strong line-up of heroes guarding the assets of Gotham and taking down the most notorious warlords of the city, Gotham Knights is all set to take us back to the city of Gotham. From what we say in the early footage, the story’s going to be deep, involving several members of the league. However, the absence of Batman in the game will be felt. Nevertheless, we’ll have the chance to try out new heroes including Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and more. 


Supposedly known as ‘Skyrim in Sky’, Starfield from Bethesda will be making its entry in 2022. And all the hype behind this one has made it one of the biggest AAA titles of 2022. And from what we know so far, it is an upcoming action/adventure game set in outer space, featuring a multitude of solar systems and giving us a glimpse of the unknown. Furthermore, Starfield has been delayed quite a few times in the past but this time, developers are sure that the game is cooked up and will hit the shelves quite soon. 

That’s all folks! 

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