One can’t explain the thrill of tracking and shooting down enemies in a fast-paced shooting game. But if you want a more intense experience with extreme accuracy and no margin for error, sniper games are the right fit. 

Ever since the early 2000s, FPS games have always been appreciated by the community. And it has driven developers to work extremely hard on their shooting games. But, things changed dramatically when we played the iconic sniper mission in CODMW4: All Ghillied Up. 

And since then, every FPS lover has got a place for sniper games in their heart. But, with dozens of sniper games on the market, it can get hard to choose the right ones. Fortunately, to save you the trouble, we’ve compiled a list of the best sniper games for PlayStation 4 and PC that you can play right away. 

Best Sniper Games For PS4 and PC: Reviews 

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

There are no doubts that the Sniper Ghost Warrior series laid the foundation for sniper games with its impressive installments. From the extremely accurate interpretation of sniper simulation to developing fully-featured scenarios, the Sniper Ghost Warrior series got it all right. 

The Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is a new addition to the franchise, and as compared to the predecessors, it has enhanced gameplay mechanics and stunning visuals. Yet, it received mixed reviews from critics and failed to meet the expectations of players. 

The game’s combat tactics also excelled as the developers introduced modern weaponry and tweaked the sniper mechanics to make the game more realistic. As a result, the game became much more enjoyable. 

Those of you who love realistically-based Sniper games and who want to be part of an honorable Sniper community should take a closer look at this one. 

Star Wars Battlefront II

Even though Star Wars Battlefront II is not strictly a sniper-only game, Sniper Rifles have influenced the gameplay and you’ll find just enough to calm your urges. EA outdid themselves with this excellent addition to the Star Wars video game franchise. 

The plot is really interesting and the graphics of the game are even better. The developers managed to perfectly balance the game by offering proper load-outs. Players can add a large number of weapons to their arsenal and since we’re keen on enjoying the ranged-weaponry combat, there are different types of sniper rifles that we could equip during the gameplay. 

Once you’ve finished the offline campaign, you can join your friends in the online lobby and see how your skills stack up against theirs. Although there are some bugs, you will still enjoy playing Star Wars Battlefront II.

Sniper Elite 4

It was Sniper Elite 4’s flawless sniper tactics that set the third installment of the franchise apart from other titles in the genre. Since the launch of the series, this genre has evolved tremendously, and much of the credit goes to the developers for their efforts in developing such a well-balanced game. 

The mechanics of the game are quite decent and well throughout but if you’ve chosen to test your skills on high difficulty, you’ll find yourself in grave danger. In terms of graphics, Sniper Elite 4 looks excellent and if you manage to play it on ultra settings with a high-resolution monitor then the bright visuals will be a sight for your sore eyes.  

Similar to its predecessors, Sniper Elite 4 features exciting gameplay that keeps you guessing till the very final moments. After all, you don’t get many opportunities to take out Hitler, but in Sniper Elite 4, you’ll have the chance to do just that. 

For those who want to experience the most authentic life of a Sniper, Sniper Elite 4 is the ideal game, but it is by no means a game for those with a weak heart. After all, the X-ray cam alone can be quite terrifying.


The main storyline of the Hitman series might not feature any Sniper missions but, the developers have added a special section of ‘Sniper Assasinations’ for players that crave real-time tactics with a sniper in their hand. 

Agent 47 will be tasked with killing multiple high-value targets roaming around the resort. However, the sniper assassination contracts lack realism and its inclusion was mainly to make the game more appealing to sniper gunplay fans. 

Nevertheless, for what’s it worth, Hitman sniper assassinations can get fun if you can break the records by getting the highest points in each of the missions. Featuring on the leaderboard will definitely boost your confidence and taking down enemies with accurate headshots can improve your aim overall. 

Insurgency: Sandstorm

While Insurgency: Sandstorm isn’t the most famous stealth-based FPS, it’s a good choice for true Sniper fans that are craving some mind-numbing headshots. 

Taking a lot of inspiration from the Call of Duty franchise, Sandstorm’s first-person gameplay features a primary assault rifle, secondary pistol, and sidearm to be used against your enemies.  Furthermore, Sniper rifles have also heavily influenced the game and you’ll be playing with one in a major part of the game. 

Despite the game’s mechanics and gameplay being very similar to those found in most FPS games on the market today, the graphics are quite outdated and even if you play on the highest settings you will still notice the limitations of the game in terms of graphics. 

However, apart from that, the gameplay is solid, and you’ll end up loving this game with every fiber of your being. If you have a few spare pennies then you should definitely check out Insurgency: Sandstorm.


With a very limited supply of Sniper-based games, these are the best of the bunch that we found in the wild. However, If you think that we’re missing out on some exceptional titles that really exceeded your expectations and definitely deserves a spot on our list then feel free to tell us as well by commenting down below or you could directly contact us to share your reviews, after all, we don’t bite.

That’s all folks! 

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