As the world’s most popular sport, soccer seems to be the top priority of millions, including millions of gamers. And when there’s a few good soccer games on the market, all you need is a controller and a competitive friend to have the time of your life. 

Luckily, there are quite a few good soccer games on the market that offer thrilling gameplay, and in today’s round-up, we’ve hand-picked the best soccer games on PC that you can play with your friends. Remember that your dignity is also at stake when you compete against your friends in an intense soccer game, which is why these soccer games will be perfect for you. 

Best Soccer Games on PC: Countdown 

FIFA 99 

‘Ronaldo is dribbling his way to the penalty area and he’s an inch away from the scoreline, but here comes the mighty defense of Argentina, standing their ground and getting possession of the ball.’’ Ah, those were the days. Moving on, FIFA 99 is undoubtedly one of the finest and most entertaining FIFA games we’ve seen to date. The animation couldn’t be worse and the gameplay was quite glitchy but, playing FIFA 99 offered a nostalgic experience that we’ll take to our grave.

The game not only had everything you could ask for from a proper FIFA game but also, featured some of the most iconic soccer players of the time. The likes of Ronaldinho, Zidane along with a long list of soccer legends. At this point in time, FIFA 99 may seem like an extremely outdated title but we ensure you that it’s still one of the best soccer games on PC to date. 

World Cup 98

And while we’re in the 90’s era, how could we forget the might World Cup 98 soccer game that had it all. From diving out of thin air to get possession to accurate passing, World Cup 98 is another piece of gem that many of us got to enjoy back in the day.

 The nostalgia that once we felt can be relived again if you decide to pick it up with your friends. Moreover, even though WC98 was released in 1998, the game was quite ahead of its time and features realistic mechanics which greatly contributed to the success of the title. 

The competitive nature of the game made it even more fun to play. Before that, playing against the AI was either super competitive or it was too easy but World Cup 98 had a perfectly balanced AI configuration, making it ideal for gamers of all sorts. Even to this day, World Cup 98 holds a special place in the hearts of many and if you’re looking for a soccer game to play with your friends, you’ll surely enjoy this one.  

FIFA 2002 

EA revolutionized the FIFA franchise once and for all with FIFA 2002 which gave a new direction to the franchise. Compared to its predecessors, FIFA 2002 had improved graphics, the mechanics were almost flawless and the animations were better than ever, making it one of the biggest games of the year. 

As an added benefit, FIFA 2002 was even more enjoyable when played with friends, as it had a completely different vibe. In addition, the never-before-seen gameplay made the FIFA franchise immensely popular across the globe at the time. 

We could now finally see the slightly-perfect renders of players’ faces which was a huge plus at the time. And during the cinematic gameplay, watching your favorite players was an unforgettable experience for many of us. Keeping it short, FIFA 2002 is also worth your money, and if you have a friend or two to play this along with, you’ll never regret it. 

PES 2011 

Aside from FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, commonly referred to as PES, was the only soccer game franchise that gave its competitors a run for their money. Back in the day, PES 2011 was one of the finest soccer games that the PES franchise has to offer. And considering the soccer craze after the Men’s World Cup of 2010, PES 2011 found its way into the hearts of many gamers, making it one of the most successful soccer games of all time. 

The gameplay of PES 2011 at the time was quite stunning, featuring lush-green pitches, realistic crowd noise backed by flawless mechanics. PES 2011 marked a major milestone in the soccer genre. Although the AI in PES 2011 was easy to beat, the nostalgic feeling will make you crave it even more and if you’re wanting to play the best soccer games on the market with your friends, PES 2011 is a top contender. 

Fun Fact – Pro Evolution Soccer is now formally known as eFootball. 

FIFA 2015

EA managed to keep the FIFA franchise alive for many years by releasing a FIFA game every year but in 2014, gamers were blown away by the enchanting FIFA 2015 that blew the gamers away with its flawless gameplay and stunning-looking visuals. 

The players were crafted perfectly and the cinematic animations made the game quite realistic which made it appeal to a wider audience from around the world. And with online multiplayer introduced, FIFA 15 was even more fun when you’re playing against your friends in an online lobby. 

FIFA 2015 featured tons of new features, including innovative dribbling patterns, camera settings, better lighting, and much more. And with the addition of many local clubs and leagues to FIFA 2015, the game offered countless combinations of players and teams, making it one of the best soccer games on PC to date. 


Most newer FIFA titles by EA are mostly rip-offs of the previously released games. The only thing they managed to improve was the microtransaction system, which is expected because it’s EA that we’re dealing with. Regardless, these were the finest soccer games in our eyes and if you believe that we’re missing out on some truly exceptional titles, feel free to leave a comment.

That’s all folks! 

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