For many of us, exploring space and visiting other worlds within our solar system has always been a dream since childhood. But since NASA isn’t fond of sending travelers into space to explore the outer worlds, we mostly have to rely on video games to fulfill our dreams. Over the years, many space exploration games were released that blew us away with their gameplay.

Our dreams came true through the games of space exploration, and we were able to travel outside the planet’s atmosphere and experience space. From killing terrorists in space in COD: Ghosts to finding rare gems in Voidspace, we had tons of games that revolved around space exploration, and today, we’ll be sharing the best space exploration games with our readers. 

Fasten your seat belts and calmly bear with us as we look at the best space exploration games that you can play right on to calm your exploration urges. Without any further ado, let’s get right to it.

Our picks for the Best Space Exploration Games:

No Man’s Sky

Hello Games outdid themselves with one of the finest space exploration games of all time, No Man’s Sky. It takes us to a wide universe filled with mysteries and opportunities. From gathering supplies to fighting off strange creatures of the universe, No Man’s Sky is an open-world game that offers a truly unforgettable space exploration experience that no other game has ever offered.

Initially, No Man’s Sky received mixed reviews from the gaming community but with constant updates and changes, No Man’s Sky has evolved and millions of players play this game each month. For space geeks, No Man’s Sky is a must-play.

Eve Online

Gamer or not, you’ve probably heard of Eve Online. But in case you aren’t familiar, Eve Online is a space exploration MMORPG that offers a never-ending map for you to explore. Play with your buddies and compete against the most fierce space pirates. Although the mechanics of the game are quite complicated, Eve Online gets more interesting once you know your way around the controls. 

And since it’s an MMORPG, there’s a lot of customization on the offering, and players can customize and edit their avatars and ships whenever they want. Furthermore, Eve Online may seem a bit difficult to a newbie but once you get the lay of the land, you’ll definitely love this space exploration game.

Star Conflict

Released almost a decade ago, Star Conflict still holds a special place in our hearts. Hunting down space pirates has never been this much fun and although the ships aren’t quite scary as the Mandalorian’s ship, they’ll still be able to do a heavy amount of damage to the enemies.

Star Conflict features a brutal battle between the protagonist and the space pirates and we must use different strategies and advanced battleships to scare them off or else, the consequences won’t be favoring us. 

Though there isn’t a huge map in the Star Conflict, you’ll be able to explore the space dungeons and give the villains a decent beating during your trip. 

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds by Obsidian Entertainment left us in awe with its epic storytelling, mechanics, and the visually appealing universe. Offering us the chance to explore the lush-green plants outside our atmosphere and kill some aliens while appreciating the finely crafted environment. The Outer World is definitely worth your time and penny.

 Although the game received mixed reviews from the community because there were some areas where the devs could’ve done a better job. Furthermore, the cinematics in the game are quite appealing and although we weren’t impressed with the combat mechanics, The Outer World offers an exciting space exploration experience that many adventure games lack.


For a space exploration game, Everspace is a masterpiece because the moment you step out of hyperspace, the stunning world perfectly engineered to attract every eye will leave you with a jaw drop. It would be wise to say that the developers, even on a low budget, presented a master class action game that we’ve not apprehended before. 

Aside from the stunning visuals with changing environments with every scenario, Everspace features realistic mechanics that are easy to learn and even easier to master. In Everspace, players are hunting other ships in a wide universe, and it is basically a ‘you miss, I hit’ kind of a game. 

Ship customization and acquiring the most accurate weapons will go a long way and even though the game is quite complex at the beginning, the players will have plenty of fun once they’ve managed to gather enough resources for upgrades and buying perks. Furthermore, for space-enthusiasts, Everspace is highly recommended.

Elite Dangerous

The Elite Dangerous: Odyssey may have failed to deliver the expected performance gamers had expected from the developers but, the first installment in the franchise, Elite Dangerous will be cherished forever. Much like the other games on the list, Elite Dangerous is an action/adventure game set outside the atmosphere and in a realistic environment to offer a space exploration experience close to reality.

Gamers can fire up their ship, take the necessary precautions, and head off to other planets in our solar system including Mars, Saturn, Mercury, and more. Furthermore, feeling a bit cold? Do special maneuvers with your spaceship over the sun and you’ll feel right at home.

 Moreover, Elite Dangerous features stunningly beautiful graphics but the UI is a bit complex and not easy to understand. Anyone who is new to such types of games will have a hard time trying to understand each feature of the game. Nevertheless, Elite Dangerous is a realistic space exploration game and if you’re looking for one then we recommend taking a closer look at this one. 


Despite the fact that there are countless space exploration games out there, most of them have incredibly unrealistic gameplay that would spoil your expectations. 

Furthermore, it’s hard to deny that these space exploration games are the best we’ve found in the wild, and they’re worth every penny you’ve invested. Alternatively, you can mention any other game you think has the potential to compete with those above. Please do not hesitate to comment on your choices.

That’s all folks! 


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