Since the early days of macOS, gamers have debated whether Macs are capable of gaming or not. The fact remains, however, that Macs are capable of playing some AAA titles excellently. But there aren’t many games available for macOS, which is kind of a bummer for all those who wanted to enjoy gaming on their Mac.

Though developers have not paid much attention to macOS in the past, the future of gaming on macOS looks promising and it is apparent that some developers are also working on Mac-enabled games.

In today’s round-up, we’ll be covering the best upcoming games on macOS that will be dropping in the near future. Join us as we offer our insights on some of the best titles that will be available for macOS in the upcoming months.

Most Anticipated Games on macOS:

Return to Nangrim

Deep into the dark forests filled with creatures of all sorts, a dwarf accepts his fate and brews a war within himself. Return of Nangrim is an epic upcoming RPG game on macOS that’ll blow you away with its dark gameplay.

Featuring the ancient race of dwarfs and their war-torn world with love, hate, and betrayal. From what we saw, the first-person gameplay has a lot to offer. From crafting weapons to solving mind-butchering puzzles, Return to Nangrim is a dream come true for a hobbit fan.

As of today, there is no definitive release date for Return to Nangrim, but it may arrive during the summer of 2022. Initially, the game looks quite promising and we cannot wait to get our hands on this one!


A promising open-world RPG on macOS, SkyClimbers may surpass the expectations of a casual gamer with its other-worldly gameplay coupled with an exceptional story and beautiful visuals. The early teaser of SkyClimbers reveals a long line-up of creatures at our disposal, craving to build us an empire.

The early gameplay does look stunning and if the developers keep a similar tone throughout the game, we’ll have a truly special RPG on our hands. Luckily, we don’t have to wait a long time for this one because SkyClimbers is expected to release in the first half of 2022.

Everspace 2

A visual masterpiece combining vibrant gameplay and mesmerizing visuals, Everspace 2 represents the best of the developers, offering one of the most entertaining single-player adventures we’ve seen in a long time. Everspace 2 is the second installment in the Everspace series, and it’s an exceptionally open-world adventure game set in space where the protagonist travels in his speedster and faces off against enemies.

In addition to the exceptional visuals, the plot is superbly written and those epic space dog fights have left us craving for more. Throughout Everspace 2, you will encounter a number of enemies who will do you harm, and it will be up to you to deal with them.

Everspace 2 is available for Microsoft Windows but it is currently unavailable for macOS. Fortunately, Everspace 2 is expected to be released for macOS in the first few months of the year 2022.


From the house of Shedworks, Sable is an upcoming indie open-world game that is expected to release in the latter half of 2021. The developers are endeavoring an out-of-box experience by adapting art style visuals in a wide world full of possibilities. We’re given the opportunity to explore the deserts of the down under and find impeccable gems and precious items.

The early gameplay of Sable looks quite promising and it received positive remarks from the community. However, the delay let many gamers down and we are personally quite eager to get our hands on this one.

Due to its indie development, we expect Sable to get recognition internationally due to its sophisticated gameplay. While the plot is unknown, we can expect a masterpiece of storytelling from the studio.

Psychonauts 2

The long-awaited sequel, Psychonauts 2 is finally happening and this time, the adventure is even more intense. In other words, a mind cluster game with interesting plots and brutal fights to overcome your enemies, Psychonauts 2 is one of the most anticipated games that will be released for macOS.

Though the gameplay is quite confusing, Psychonauts 2 will offer an enjoyable time, and Double Fine, the developers behind this game, is known to deliver solid work. Based on the initial gameplay teaser, we have high expectations for Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 was supposed to be released sometime in 2021 but there’s no official release date as of yet. Rumors are that Psychonauts 2 will be released sometime in 2022 as the game needs more time to cook.

The End of the Sun

An unusual first-person open-world exploration game, The End of the Sun offers exciting gameplay where our player is stuck in a village that is habituated by darkness and loneliness. But, with riddles and dark magic, we must travel through time and discover fellow humans to uncover a brewing plot that caused the extinction of humans.

Things do get quite interesting after a while but the game seems slow in nature. For people that enjoy mystery games filled with mythical prophecies and other-worldly things, The End of the Sun is a must-play

Unfortunately, to get our hands on The End of The Sun, we’ll have to wait a long time because the developers are planning to release this game in the latter part of 2022. Nevertheless, this game is well worth it and we highly recommend it to our readers and we do believe that it is one of the best upcoming games on macOS.


These are the most anticipated games that will be available on macOS and all of them are likely to be released in 2022. The current situation around the world has halted the development of many games and forced studios to delay their games and unfortunately, gamers have to wait a bit further to get their hands on new titles. 

But, with circumstances coming back to normal, we can expect more games to be made available for macOS. If you believe that we’ve missed out on some truly exceptional upcoming games on macOS then feel free to give us a shout.

That’s all folks!

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