In a short span of time, Valheim managed to capture the attention of millions from around the world. This Viking-themed sandbox survival opened up a pathway to a whole new scale of an immense world filled with countless opportunities and sights that’ll leave you in awe. And considering how Valheim is still in its early access mode, the game did pretty well to impress the sandbox fanatics. 

And while we’re too fond of Valheim, there are still a few tiny details in the game that could be improved to offer a much better and flawless experience. And for those, fortunately, modders have been working tirelessly to aid us with excellent mods. From improving the aesthetics to enhancing the co-op experience, there’s a mod for every scenario and in today’s round-up, we’ll be counting down our picks for the best Valheim mods you can’t miss. 

Best Valheim Mods


Valheim is even more fun to play when you’re living the Viking fantasy with your friends. And what’s better than sharing some good’ol architecture? Not much really. BuildShare is one of the most popular and useful mods that allows you to share your buildings with your friends or vice versa. Using this mod, players can ask their friends for buildings and save them in their own village. 

Fast Teleport 

Like in other sandbox entitles, traveling to the highest peak or exploring the deepest dungeons take up a lot of your time, and this is also the case in Valheim. Thankfully, the modders community released a mod ‘Fast Teleport’ that lets you teleport from one place to the other in a matter of seconds. Unlike the game’s own teleportation system, the ‘Fast Teleport’ mod allows you to instantly teleport to the desired location without having to stare at the loading screen. 

Similarly, entering the caves and dungeons that require an additional loading screen will also be removed with this mod. Players will be able to directly step into the dungeons without waiting for the loading screen to load all the assets. ‘Fast Teleport’ is currently one of the hottest Valheim mods on the market. 

Epic Loot

One of the most popular Valheim mods on the market, the ‘Epic Loot’ mod allows you to find rare enchantments and loot by exploring the land and finding chests. Furthermore, taking down the monsters of Valheim will now offer rare and legendary loot that’ll go a long way in surviving in the wild. The magic items included in this mod could significantly increase your odds of surviving the winter of the North and help you provide a much better experience. 

And aside from legendary loot drops, players can use the console to type in cheats to get access to magic crafting materials as well as improve the stats of the rare items found on the map. ‘Epic Loot’ mod has hundreds of thousands of downloads and we, for one, are highly impressed by it. 


The most popular mod on the market, ValheimPlus is essential if you’d like a piece of Valheim’s mods scene. Valheim Plus significantly improves the overall gameplay experience of the game by allowing the users to tweak the settings, build buildings with much more precision, allowing to craft from nearby chests, boost the players’ stats, and much more. 

ValheimPlus is aimed at enhancing the overall experience of the game and making it more mature and appealing to the players that signed up for the sandbox fantasy. Moreover, the ValheimPlus mod will enhance the gameplay experience by allowing the user to make the modifications as they see fit instead of obligating them to use simulated settings. 

HD Valheim

While Valheim is an exceptional-looking game with beautiful aesthetics and astounding surroundings, there’s a mod out there called HD Valheim that makes the game look even more ravishing. With this mod, the mediocre trees come to life and the dull quality of the environment seems immensely bright and well-crafted. The texture pack makes the game come alive and makes it seem like a perfectly crafted AAA title. 

HD Valheim mod, aside from upscaling all the textures, offers a much better UI that makes it easier to modify buildings and craft the chests. Despite Valheim’s lack of a friendly user interface, installing the HD Valheim mod will certainly remedy this issue by providing an attractive and intuitive interface.

Equipment and Quick Slots

Like many other sandbox survival games, Valheim also lacks the ability to offer its players large storage where they can store their equipment. Fortunately, this issue is addressed by the modders community, and an ‘Equipment and Quick Slots’ mod is made available to offer equipped items their own inventory slots. 

The mod offers players the option of assigning multiple hotkeys to access items in the inventory and storing a reasonable amount of items without having to worry about the space in the inventory. Certainly, the ‘Equipment and Quick Slots’ mod is one the best that the community has to offer and it will, without a doubt, greatly contribute to the overall experience of Valheim. 

How to install Mods in Valheim? 

Installation of mods in Valheim is quite easier and won’t take up much of your time. To install mods in Valheim, you’ll first need to download the mod and extract the contents of the zip file into the game’s directory. Valheim will detect the mods and they will be made available. However, for some mods, users have to install additional plugins for the mod to work properly. 

Furthermore, Vortex Mod Installer is a tool that’s used to install Valheim mods as well. If you want a clean installation of any of the desired mods, Vortex Mod Installer is highly recommended. It will not only save your time but also, let you easily install any mod of your likings without altering the files from the game’s directory folder. 

Quick Note: Before installing any mod, make sure to back up the game files somewhere on your computer to avoid any mishaps and losing your game that you’ve spent a good chunk of time in. 

That’s all folks! 

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