As a Fortnite player, you’re exposed to dozens of weapons in the arena but, not every one of them has the capabilities to win you the round. The reality is that Fortnite is one of the most competitive games of our time and to excel at it, you’ll need some brutal weapons that can get you instant kills, offers a decent fire rate and gets the job done.

With so many weapons in your arsenal, it can be a bit difficult to find the most appropriate weapon that will guarantee you a kill. But, finding the sweet spot with every weapon is quite challenging and that’s why you should only play with the best weapons.

If you’re struggling to get your first win then you’re at the right place because we’ll be counting down our picks for the best weapons in Fortnite that you must get your hands on. Without any further delay, let’s get started! 

SCAR – Legendary Or Epic

Best Assault Rifle in Fortnite 

In Battle Royale games, assault rifles are the deadliest options and without them, not many players can live to tell the tale. And in Fornite, The legendary SCAR rifle is our top pick for the best AR in Fortnite that you can get your hands on. 

SCAR (Epic/Legendary) offers excellent precision and accuracy with well-balanced recoil. Unlike M16 or other ARs in the market, SCAR won’t make your controller go crazy when you’re continuously firing at your targets. Furthermore, it can also target long-range enemies as well and its unique characteristics make it ideal in every scenario. 

The fire rate of SCAR is also pretty impressive and quick reload further adds to the value of this excellent rifle. Unfortunantly, finding SCAR is quite difficult since it falls under the category of Epic or Legendary. But, if you could get your hands on this one, there’s a solid chance that you’ll get your first win. 

Sniper Rifle: Bolt-Action Legendary 

Best Long-Range Weapon in Fortnite 

If you’re not interested in hack-n-slash gameplay and would live to camp at the corner of the map or behind the bushes then Sniper Rifle: Bolt-Action Legendary is your best bet. This Sniper Rifle is capable of taking down the enemies from a long-range and its damage profile allows you to easily take care of your enemies with a single shot to the head. 

Sniper Rifles are generally quite accurate and compared to other sniper rifles on the map, this bolt-action is pretty accurate and even in long-range scenarios, it will treat you right. Unfortunantly, reloading after every shot can be a bit of a headache, and especially when you’re playing fast-paced games, every single second matter. Nevertheless, this legendary bolt-action sniper rifle is really recommended if you’re looking for a reliable long-range weapon.

As for the specifications, this weapon has a fire rate of 0.8 with a reload time of 1.6s. Furthermore, the damage profile of over 100 is also pretty impressive but, finding this weapon will need a lot of effort. If you want to add this weapon to your arsenal then you’ll have to loot various loot boxes and supply drops and if you’re lucky, you may find this weapon in one of those supply drops. 

Rapid Fire SMG – Legendary 

Best Close-Combat Weapon in Fortnite 

SMGs aren’t really ideal when it comes to long-range targets because their range of fire is not enough to deal any major damage to the enemy. However, when it comes to close combat, Rapid Fire SMG with Legendary status is the absolutely best short-range weapon that you can get. 

Featuring a fire rate of 15 with a magazine size of 26, Rapid Fire SMG will leave your enemies in dispair. Also, this SMG has a reload time of just 1.3 seconds which is also pretty impressive. Furthermore, in short-range combat, this SMG offers decent accuracy and precision if you manage to get your hands on either the Legendary or Epic version. 

In today’s world, Rapid Fire SMG is regarded as one of the lethal close-range weapons in Fortnite and with an extremely high damage profile, it would be wise to say that this SMG in its true colors will prove to be a game-changer for you. 

Rocket Launcher – Legendary or Epic 

Best All-Scenario Weapon in Fortnite 

What’s better than blowing up your enemies with an RPG? Nothing much I guess. 

The legendary Rocket Launcher is a must-have weapon in Fortnite these days. In gold or purple colors, this Rocket Launcher will be an excellent weapon to have in your arsenal. Although, timing and a steady aim are essential in getting some kills because otherwise, you’ll only be giving away your location to the enemies. 

Operating a rocket launcher is not child’s play because a lot of practice is needed to perfectly aim it towards enemies. With a rocket launcher, it’s more of a ‘You miss, I hit’ scenario where if you miss your target, your enemy would be easily counter your attack and steal your victory. However, it’s another story if you know your way around a rocket launcher. 

Moreover, a rocket launcher is a powerful weapon and a single hit to the body can take down the enemies. Also, those 10-story forts of enemies could also be destroyed with rocket launchers. If someone is driving you crazy with their exceptional crafting skills then a single tap from your rocket launcher will be more than enough to total their compound and expose them to your crosshairs. 

If your strategy includes going gun-blazing on your enemies then having a rocket launcher in your arsenal would make a lot of sense. 


Fortnite is a competitive battle royale game and to get better at it, you will need to work really hard on your skills. Because without proper skills and tactics, even the deadliest weapons in the game won’t help you with your first game. 

Moving on, these were the best weapons in Fortnite that you could find out there and we know that it can be a bit difficult to find legendary weapons but, they’re essential for a victory. 

That’s all folks! 

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