Dishonored’s future is uncertain at the moment, but with Microsoft taking over Bethesda, things are going to get interesting. 

In recent years Dishonored has become a wildly successful franchise, inspiring us with Corvo’s story and Emily’s struggles. Although the expansion to the franchise, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, was critically regarded as not living up to the high expectations, there were mixed reviews from critics. 

But regarding the third installment in the franchise, Dishonored 3 might be years away since the developers haven’t given any hint whether if Dishonored 3 is in development or not. Arkane Studios last commented in 2018 saying that the series is resting for a while and would be re-booted in the near future. 

As for now, here’s everything we know about the much anticipated Dishonored 3. 

When is Dishonored 3 Coming Out? 

The release date is way too early to discuss as there has been no official announcement. Critics have argued that E3 has the potential to clear things up if Bethesda/Microsoft decided to comment on it. Although, we’d be gladly hear anything the developers had to say about the next installment in the franchise.  

Currently, the developers at Arkane Studios are working on Deathloop, an action-adventure game developed for next-gen consoles. It was expected that Deathloop would go on sale earlier, but due to the pandemic, the release date got pushed back yet again. Therefore, the latest news mentions that Deathloop might be released sometime in September of 2021. 

With Arkane Studios’ hands full with Deathloop. Not to mention their constant delays, it’s not unlikely that Dishonored 3 will not come out anytime soon. However, recent job listings do suggest they’re looking for artists for an upcoming AAA title.

Will Dishonored 3 Take Place in Dunwall?

Throughout the first two installments, we see Corvo and Emily as the main protagonists and the setting takes place in Dunwall. Despite this, Dishonored 3 may not go back to Dunwall, as one of the Arkane Studios directors said they will not be bringing back the heroes from the past and it’s likely that we’ll witness new faces in different settings.  

A large portion of the Isle Continent, including Dunwall, Gristol, Serkonos, and other parts are expected to be removed from the settings of Dishonored 3. In fact, PlaystationLifeStyle has pointed towards the Panyssian Continent. We might see a new world set in the near future, but featuring a similar class structure paired with balanced gameplay that offers flawless combat tactics and sneakiness. 

Secondly, players often inquire about the protagonist’s powers. It will remain an unsolved mystery since we do not know what powers they will have. And with the Outsider out of the picture, it’s unknown whether the studio will be bringing back the old legendary powers or not. 

Supported Platforms 

Dishonored is a highly appreciated game of the last decade and the level of entertainment this game had to offer has everyone in awe. The first 2 games in the franchise and the expansion pack, Death of the Outsider were available for Microsoft Windows, Playstation, and Xbox. 

However, since Microsoft took over Bethesda, the parent company of Arkane Studios, there have been rumors that Dishonored 3 will only be available on the Xbox Series X/S. But, it’s likely that Dishonored 3 might get support for PC as well as PlayStation 5 if the company decides not to make it an exclusive, which is highly unlikely. 

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said Bethesda will continue to deliver great exclusive AAA titles for the Xbox over the next few years. This could indicate that Bethesda might be influenced to create mainly Xbox exclusive content. 

Corvo and Emilly Won’t be in Dishonored 3

The second installment of Dishonored concluded the story of Corvo and Emilly. Therefore, we will not see Corvo or Emily in the third installment as the directors are considering going in other directions. 

Both of the protagonists from the previous installments won’t be in the third game, Harvey Smith has confirmed. He also mentioned that Billie and Daud, who appeared in the expansion Death of the Outsider won’t appear in any future Dishonored games as well.  

Currently, it seems like the creative team at Arkane Studios will go in another direction with Dishonored 3. Since no official details are available yet, it’s impossible to guess how the team will proceed with the Dishonored franchise.

Can Deathloop be considered the next Dishonored? 

From the initial trailer, Deathloop seems like an entertaining sci-fi action game that’ll hit our shelves at the end of this year. Similar to Dishonored, this anticipated AAA title from Arkane Studios features magical abilities and unique combat mechanics to take down the enemies. 

Set in a fictional world, Deathloop seems to be the next big thing for Arkane Studios. The future of Dishonored is not known yet but, if Deathloop did well upon its release, Microsoft could milk the studios to create a series of Deathloop games rather than focusing on the Dishonored franchise.

Compared to its predecessor, Dishonored 2 failed to live up to expectations. Its sales were much lower as well. And its expansion, DOTO, wasn’t able to generate a decent amount of revenue either. 

Will Deathloop take over the Dishonored franchise? Only time will tell. 


The Corvo-Kaldwin saga is finally complete and we are looking forward to what is to come. Arkane Studios is currently focused on Deathloop while Dishonored 3 is still in the pipeline. However, we remain hopeful for the third installment in the series. It is possible that Arkane Studios or Bethesda will make a brief appearance at the virtual E3 event in 2021 at say a word or two about the development of the game. 

We might not be returning to Dunwall or any other part of the Isles but the Dishonored world will remain the same and enjoying it with a fresh pair of eyes on next-gen consoles would definitely worth all this wait. 

That’s all folks! 

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