Ever since the release of J.K Rawling’s finest work, people from all over the world felt in awe of the Harry Potter franchise. And being a potter-head, we always wanted to explore the deepest dungeons and face-off the scariest creatures of Hogwarts but sadly, that was the end of an era. Fortunately, Avalanche Studio recently announced a new open-world game ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ that will be based on the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogwarts and it will revolve around the journey of a special Wizard. 

The developers are yet to release any in-game gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy or the actual release date of the game but, there are a lot of things that we know already about the game and we’re eager to share them with you. Stick with us till the end to find out everything we know about Hogwarts Legacy. 

Release Date   

The original release date of Hogwarts Legacy was 13 January 2021, but due to the pandemic and unconventional circumstances, the developers had to delay the release date of the game. It was suggested that Hogwarts Legacy will be released sometime in the year 2022 because the developers think that it needs more time to cook. 

However, a job listing by Warner Bros for marketing suggests that Hogwarts Legacy is coming out quite soon. Critics believe that we may have a release date and some in-game footage for Hogwarts Legacy at the E3 event this year. In the meantime, it is expected that we might get our hands on this anticipated game in the first half of 2022. 


We had a glimpse of the gameplay in the teaser trailer of Hogwarts Legacy but there wasn’t enough to guess how the game will play. Luckily, an anonymous user posted leak footage of the game that had many interesting details. Firstly, Hogwarts Legacy will feature many RPG-elements including character customization. 

From what we saw, players will be able to change the skin color, hair type, face structures, and many other character customization. It would be wise to say that Hogwarts Legacy is a true RPG and it will feature many modern-world RPG-elements. 

Furthermore, the spell casting and the combat also seem quite interesting and the appropriate balance between the defensive and offensive strategies of the character suggests that developers did a fine job in adding a smooth combat system in the game. However, mastering each spell and timing them perfectly isn’t going to be as easy as you might think. 


Hogwarts Legacy is set in the early 18th century and it revolves around a protagonist who arrives at Hogwarts after he got his late-acceptance to the school of Wizards and Witches. Possessing unmatched skills, the main protagonist is tasked to master the ancient magical abilities to save Hogwarts from sinister forces that are planning to bring chaos to the world. 

Considering that it’s an open-world RPG, our character will not only explore the deepest dungeons of Hogwarts but, we’ll have the freedom to browse magical items in the Diagon valley and down the line, we may even open an account at Gringotts Wizarding Bank because you never know when you might need some gold to bribe the journalists at Daily Prophet. 

Unfortunately, the trailer of Hogwarts Legacy didn’t contain much about the story of the gameplay and we don’t even know the name of the protagonist but, one thing that we know so far is that we won’t be seeing any familiar faces because this game is set almost 200 years before the birth of Harry Potter. 

Supported Platforms 

According to the official website of Hogwarts Legacy, the game will be available for all the next-gen consoles including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox S, and, PC. Fortunately, it will also be available for previous-gen consoles as well and if you’re still rocking PlayStation 4 or Xbox One then you will be able to get your hands on this one. 

It’s unconfirmed whether Hogwarts Legacy will be compatible with ray-tracing but if it does, there will be a huge difference between the gameplay of next-gen and previous-gen consoles. Furthermore, it’s unsure if Hogwarts Legacy will be available on Google Stadia or not. 

Is Hogwarts Legacy an RPG? 

Official sources suggest that Hogwarts Legacy is an action-RPG that will feature dozens of RPG elements. Everything from character customization to expanding magical abilities, Hogwarts Legacy is a proper open-world RPG. 

It is rumored that players will unlock new abilities with a skill tree in the game and with each new level, we will be able to upgrade the abilities and also, add new spells and potions to our arsenal. Furthermore, we will be able to interact with NCPs and convince them to join our squad in defeating the magical creatures of the wizarding world. 

There’s a handful of side quests as well which also indicates that Hogwarts Legacy isn’t short of RPG elements and it would be wise to say that Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated RPG of 2022. 

Role of J.K Rawlings In The Development of Hogwarts Legacy 

There’s no involvement of J.K Rawlings in the development or the plot of Hogwarts Legacy but because her books are the foundation of the wizarding world, she will be sharing the profits with the developers. 

The official sources hinted that the story of Hogwarts Legacy is not written by J.K Rawlings and she didn’t have anything to do with the production of the game either. However, many controversies in the past week suggested that J.K Rawlings had an influence on the development of Hogwarts Legacy. 


The most awaited open-world RPG, Hogwarts Legacy is one of the major adaptations of Harry Potter’s wizarding world that will be released on all the major platforms. In the past, we had many Harry Potter-themed games from Portkey Games but they weren’t even close to the original installments. However, with Hogwarts Legacy, we’ll finally be able to fill the void in our hearts for never receiving the invitation letter from Hogwarts. 

That’s all folks! 

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