Each day, millions of Minecraft players treasure the endless adventures the game offers. And in the race to be the most valued player, gamers have spent countless hours in their favorite pits. And when you finally have an account in good standing, it not only gives you plenty of perks but also offers a chance to brag to your friends. But without rare skins, things aren’t all the same. 

Minecraft contains a plethora of rare and expensive skins and although they’re purely for cosmetic purposes, gamers from all over the world dream of getting their hands on them. However, they’re not easy to get by. 

The topic of our round-up today is the most expensive and rare skins in Minecraft that should be on your radar. Let’s not waste any time and get right to our favorite entries first. Stick with us till the end to hear our thoughts on the best skins in Minecraft. 

Rarest Skins In Minecraft 

Ender Dragon

The scarry ‘Ender Dragon’ skin pack was released back in 2012 and was only offered to loyal players of the game at the time. And because Ender Dragon was only gifted to a handful of people, it is one of the rarest skins in Minecraft that you’ll ever come across. Looks-wise, the skin looks absolutely stunning and offers a gothic vibe but in a pleasant way. 

Ender Dragon skin packs were released on the first anniversary of the game and were much applauded by gamers. Furthermore, the Zoombie and birthday cake skins were also part of the skin pack which also contributed to the success of the skin pack.

Super Mario

Since Minecraft took Super Mario from their marketplace, the Super Mario skin pack became one of the rarest skin packs in Minecraft. The skin pack contains all the main characters from the Super Mario video game inducing Luigi, Princesses, Bowser, and Mario himself, of course. 

The Super Mario skin pack is very much in demand but unfortunately, it is only available for Minecraft players on Nintendo Switch. The Super Mario skin pack was released in 2016 and ever since its inclusion, Minecraft players have been dreaming of getting their hands on this rare skin. 

Tony Hawk

All of you have probably played Tony Hawk games at one time or another and have experienced the thrill of skating on scary ramps. This skin from Tony Hawk’s game, one of the best of the arcade genre, appeared shortly after the game’s release and was immediately popular and it managed to attract players from every corner of the world. 

Tony Hawk’s skin pack was well-received by the community and was high in demand but at the same time, it had limited access. Today, you’ll hardly see anyone wearing this skin because it is incredibly rare and extremely hard to find.


Marvel’s Spiderman has been on the lips of many since the last century because of the famous comics that made the superhero a true marvel. And after the first movie came out, people went crazy and were left in awe by the excellent display of Marvel’s Spiderman. And ever since, anything even remotely related to Spiderman has been deeply appreciated, and similarly, the Spiderman skin pack did exceptionally well.

However, they were removed from the Minecraft marketplace, making them extremely rare and hard to find. The superhero skin pack contains skins of Spiderman, Venom, and Carnage. Unfortunately, none of them are readily available at the moment.


One of the most beautiful skins ever created, Ghost came out shortly after the release of the game, and only a handful of players could claim it at that time. The exclusive skin pack was available for a short time and it was created for a far better cause, which was to raise money for a charity that would eventually help a cancer support center. 

The exclusive skin pack became one of the rarest with the passage of time and it is extremely hard to find these days. And since it’s not on the Minecraft marketplace, you would only find this skin pack under the belt of most pro players of Minecraft. Out of all the skins, Ghost is definitely the most stunning skin that you’ll ever come across and if you ever get a chance to get your hands on one, we recommend tightly grabbing it with both hands. 

The Simpsons

The American sitcom has had people in fits of laughter ever since it hit the screen in the late 80s and it was only a matter of time before the iconic The Simpsons skin pack was released. But, since it was only exclusive to Xbox players and was taken off shortly, The Simpsons skin pack became one of the rarest skin packs in Minecraft. 

Many of the main cast of Simpsons came along with the skin pack and players had the opportunity to play with the one they fancy the most. However, since it wasn’t available for long and only exclusive to Xbox, many could only dream of getting their hands on this one. 

Ice Pioneer

Ice blue color with hints of white and brown made Ice Pioneer one of the most stunning skins in Minecraft. And with superior exterior quality with fine lines and clear borders, players were left in awe of the skin and wanted to grab it but, similar to most skins on this list, it wasn’t available for long and was taken off the Minecraft marketplace. 

Furthermore, the skin pack not only included Ice Pioneer but also, Mesa Artisan, Forest Fighter, and Ocean Engineer were also part of this exclusive skin pack. To this day, many players have seemed to try to get their hands on this one, and even though it’s rare, players can be seen wearing this one from time to time. 


Out of all the ones, Spiderman and Ice Pioneer are our favorites, and one day, we’d definitely want to see them in our arsenal but unfortunately, these are rare Minecraft skins that are hard to come by. Which one of these are you faovirte? Tell us in the comments below! 

That’s all folks! 

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