Ubisoft’s most anticipated pirate game, Skull & Bones is nowhere to be found, and its mysterious disappearance has left games wondering about the existence of the game. In the last year, after dodging questions from the critics, developers finally gave us a clue about the future of the game.

There’s a lot going on at Ubisoft regarding the highly anticipated game, Skull & Bones. Stick with us till the end to find the real reason behind the delay of this game and when can we finally get our hands on this pirate-themed game. 

Release Date 

Since the company revealed the game at E3 2017, Skull & Bones was delayed multiple times and it was suggested that it may get released in the year 2020. However, the pandemic forced the developers to close their shop and put a stop to the development of the game. 

And since the developers are taking the game in a whole new direction, it was rumoured that the developers will be re-doing the development and may start everything from scratch. And with other studios stepping in to help Ubisoft Singapore with the development of the game, it’s likely that we won’t have to wait another couple of years for a glimpse of this game. 

As for now, there’s no official release date as of yet and nothing can be said about the exact release date of Skull & Bones but, if we were to guess, I’d say that we will be playing Skull & Bones at the end of this year or at the beginning of the year 2022 at the least. 

Why is Skull & Bones Delayed? 

Rewords, buggy gameplay, pandemic, and much more, there are a lot of reasons why Skull & Bones was delayed. 

Starting from the top, Skull & Bones was first revealed in 2017 and Ubisoft released an interesting teaser trailer to hook up the fans to its one-of-a-kind pirate game. And later on, the gameplay was also revealed that pretty much explained how the ship battles will work and also explained other landscapes of the game.

However, the Black flag-inspired was a bit flawed as the ship mechanics were horrible, and aside from firing canons and fire arrows, there wasn’t anything interesting included in the gameplay. It was at this point when Ubisoft decided to delay the game for the first time because the game needed more time to cook.

Fast forward to 2019, Ubisoft once again announced that Skull & Bones is delayed once again and would drop in some times in 2020. Later that day, Ubisoft released a video that explained that Skull & Bones is still in development, and like before, they’re going to need a lot more time to cook the game. 

And finally, in the last part of 2020, the developers gave us an update explaining why Skull & Bones was delayed yet again. In the blog post, developers revealed that they’re going in a different direction with Skull & Bones, and instead of releasing a pirate-themed game with old-school gameplay, they’re going to use a fresh approach to the pirate fantasy and offer a memorable experience to the gamers. 

Gameplay & Story 

The upcoming Skull & Bones is about the Golden Era of the pirates when they used to rule the oceans and strip every by-passer of their possessions. Heavily inspired by the sea-warfare of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Skull & Bones will feature many similar features and the mechanics of the game are said to be quite identical. 

It is assumed that Skull & Bones is set in the early 1700s when Renaissance spread through the European continent. Ships were full of riches and pirates used to rob them using different tactics. It remains to be unseen where the gameplay will take us but if developers are sticking to the history, it’s most likely that Skull & Bones will mainly feature the Caribbean and Indian oceans which were once a safe-haven for pirates. 

Skull & Bones will feature a male protagonist who is the captain of the ship and with the help of his crew, he robs the people of their riches and sinks their ships on the bottom of the ocean. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the main characters of the game but with the latest update from Ubisoft, we don’t have to wait much longer to find out. 

Features We’d Like To See In Skull & Bones 

The most anticipated naval warfare game, Skull & Bones is on the horizon and even though we don’t know much about the actual gameplay, there’s a long list of things and features that we’d like to see in Skull & Bones. 

Realistic Sea Warfare 

An AAA installment that is focused on sea-warfare will surely feature excellent combat mechanics but, what we saw in the gameplay revealed by the developers was nowhere near the realistic gameplay that we’d like to see. It felt like the settings and the gameplay was pretty much inspired by AC: Odyssey rather than AC: Black Flag. And that’s why we’d like to see a more realistic environment and gameplay that offers memorable duels. 

War Prisoners 

Pirates were famous for taking prisons that were experts in their field. Doctors, builders, poets, and map readers were often kept alive by Pirates. And since the gameplay of Skull & Bones will be close to reality, we’d like to have the feature of taking prisoners of wars that could unlock more features in the game and help us build a strong crew. 

Renaissance Period

The spread of the Renaissance was on the rise in the European countries in the early 1700s and since we only read it in books, Skull & Bones could adopt the way of life from the Renaissance period to provide a better visual representation of the golden era. 


Ever since the announcement, fans have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on Skull & Bones to experience the filthy ways of pirates. Unfortunately, a number of delays have left the gamers heart-broken. But seeing how Cyberpunk and Breakpoint made a mess after getting released pre-cooked, we’d like the developers to take their time and release the game when it has fully-developed the game. Till then, Batten Down The Hatches Gamers!

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