In just a few years, NFT games have generated more than $2 billion, making them one of the most popular games in recent years. As cryptocurrencies have become more popular, many people are finding new ways to earn a living. In recent months, NFT games have become the focus of many gamers looking for a part-time job to earn a little extra cash.

In just a short span of time, we’ve had many play-to-earn NFT games that have impressed us, and in today’s round-up, we’re bringing the best NFT games we’ve seen to date and we feel like our readers should really give these titles a shot. Stick with us as we discuss our picks for the best NFT games of all time. 

Best NFT Games: Our Picks 

Gods Unchained

NFT games are a bit complex to understand for a casual gamer but Gods Unchancined breaks the stereotype with its simple yet thrilling gameplay. Gods Unchained is a PvP strategy game where players go toe-to-toe against each other with the God powers they’ve selected in the form of cards. Gods Unchained is likely to remind you of Pokemon and the golden era of the best beasts in the realm.

Furthermore, God Unchained challenges your skills and the ones who are good at strategy games are likely to do well. Dismantling your enemies and bringing doomsday upon them with the unleashed power of heroes is everything Gods Unchained is about. But the most interesting thing about this NFT game is that it is a Play-to-Earn game, meaning that players will be able to generate some revenue by playing this one. 

In Gods Unchained, players that do well and win rank matches will have access to special warlock items which they could sell on the market, earning them scraps of cryptocurrency. However, Gods Unchained can get quite competitive and if someone is new to the strategic genre, they may have a few surprises waiting for them. 

Battle Racers

While we’re still digesting the concept of NFT games that offer the feature of ‘Play-to-Earn’, there are a few developers on the market that have already started targeting the racing genre in the gaming industry. One of the first NFT games in the racing genre, Battle Racers is an NFT game that’s worth looking at. The mechanics are flawless, as it requires a player to put together the best components to build the best car. 

In this PvP arcade battle game, the players with the car that has its stats maxed out coupled with a carefully-thought weight-to-velocity ratio will be crowned the king of the hill while the other will have to continue their hustle with their cars. Battle Racers is a fun simulator and with each race, we learn a new thing about our NFT car and although the gameplay is far from perfect, it is still one of the finest NFT games we’ve seen to date. 


Another name that made quite a buzz in the NFT marketplace was Splinterlands, a card trading game, much like Gods Unchained. Players with the cards that have the highest stats will thrash their competition in the matchups and the players that have the rarest cards have the chance to grow the cards and sell them on the NFT market, earning them a slick of the cryptocurrency. 

However, to get started, players have to invest some amount in deck cards, and once they’re up and running, they have a chance to get their money back with interest. Moreover, Splinterlands has become of the most played NFT games this year and millions of players have given it a shot and most of the peeps were satisfied with what the game had to offer and that’s why we feel like our readers should give Splinterlands a chance and taste glory in the form of NFT games. 


MetaWars is one of the NFT titles that revolutionized this new genre for once and for all, featuring an immersive experience of futuristic space exploration, strategic masterpiece while offering the chance to earn while playing this game through the game’s economy which gamers can trade for a few pennies. From featuring realistic space exploration that will leave you in awe to occupying battle-hardened ships in their arsenal to go toe-to-toe against the meanest enemies of the realm. 

In MetaWars, players can team up with their mates and explore the never-ending space and earn in-game currency tokens which they can trade and sell on the market. MetaWars with its vast RPG elements makes it even more interesting and when you’re getting paid to play such a fine piece of the game, gamers shouldn’t even think twice before getting their hands on this one. 


Bringing back the vibes from the golden age, Crypt-Snake is pretty much inspired by the classic Snake game we used to play on our Nokia 3310 but in this modern version, instead of food, our snake will be biting off pieces of cryptocurrencies. And with each new high score, we have a chance to earn a bit of money on the side.

The game is pretty straight forward and anyone, whether it’s a pro gamer or someone that’s just picked up the keyboard for the first time, could easily get a grip over their snake. Moreover, the better the stats you have, the better chance you have of trading crypto through this NFT game and if it seems too complicated, why don’t you give it a try! 


NFT Games are quite new and they’re yet to be evolved but it is quite certain that the future belongs to them. But, in the meantime, these were the best NFT games we could find on the market, and if you’re looking to start with NFT games, there are the best and you must consider them before making a choice. 

That’s all folks!

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