This year we’ve had tons of excellent titles this year and even though only a few were able to reach the top of the charts, there are many underrated games that deserve your attention as well. Whether it’s hack-n-slash games or other-worldly adventure games, the year 2021 has been kind to us and came laden with interesting games that you’ll love to play. 

With Forza Horizon 5, Battlefield 2042, and GTA Trilogy proving to be the biggest games of the year, many games that are developed by mid-sized studios are getting overlooked but, in today’s article, we have put together the best-hidden gems of 2021 that you cannot afford to miss. Stay with us as we talk about the best-underrated games of 2021. 

Most Underrated Games of 2021

Bright Memory: Infinite 

Bringing a sword to a gunfight is most often not in your favor but when you have a few tricks up your sleeve, fighting the evilest corporation seems like an easy task. Bright Memory: Infinite is a futuristic hack-n-slash first-person shooter that’s been building up a fan base of its own with its unique and ever-green gameplay that’ll leave you in awe.

The plot is written quite well and the mechanics of the game offer true entertainment and offer you the mixed vibes of Cod and Dishonored. Once you’ve played this hidden gem, you’ll fully understand what we’re talking about. Furthermore, Bring Memory: Infinite is now available for Microsoft Windows, and in case you haven’t had a chance to try it, we highly recommend giving it a shot. 

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

From deducing the motives behind the murders to solving mind-buzzing mysteries, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One throws you into a wide world as you take on the role of the legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes. The game is the first of its kind and is developed by Frogwares studios and they did an exceptional job in showing the Sherlock Holmes narrative in a beautiful world. 

While the graphics of the game are otherworldly and the mechanics are quite smooth, Sherlock Holmes didn’t manage to attract a wide audience as of yet but, it is undoubtedly one of the best detective games you’ll play in a while. It would be wise to say that Sherlock Holmes is an underrated title that deserves your attention if you’re a fan of Sherlock and Dr. Watson. 


After crash landing on an unknown planet in the midst of the universe with no one to hear your calls for help, Returnal puts you in the driving seat of your own survival. One of the most beautifully crafted titles of the year, Returnal offers breathtaking scenes that are literally out of this world. Furthermore, the plot is quite interesting and makes you feel attached to the protagonist till the very last moments. 

Moreover, Returnal is published by Sony and as one can predict, it is a PlayStation-exclusive title, meaning that you can only play it on PlayStation 5. Nevertheless, Returnal not being made available for other consoles and Microsoft Windows has made a dent in the overall sales of the game and became of the underrated titles of the year. 

The Medium

The Medium’s dual-world narrative put it on the map and players have been hyped up for its release ever since the first trailer was released. A psychological horror game with a unique narrative that takes a bit to wrap around your head, The Medium is an underrated gem of the year 2021 that you must try at least once. We know that it takes a bit to get going but, the developers have done an exceptional job in the split-screen mode that covers everything from the present time to the events that occurred during the medieval era. 

And with a strong female protagonist, The Medium is a game that’s one of its kind and the developers have taken a very unique perspective to the development of the game. Moreover, the transitions from both eras made you want to keep glued to the screen and end the whole thing in a single sitting. However, we must warn you that The Medium is not for the faint-hearted as this psychological horror game could give you nightmares. 

The Forgotten City

Exploring the beautifully-crafted city in the search of a lost person while keeping the time intact, The Forgotten City has managed to fly under the radar while being on the best titles of the year. It is an open-world RPG with an interesting plot and even better settings and that voice acting has made things even better. And when the fate of the world is on your shoulder, things do start to feel a bit tense. 

But with Rindo and his minions trying to bring balance to the universe and keep their existence, we must explore the deepest dungeons of the forgotten city and fight devilish creatures to stay alive. Moreover, the game offers an impeccable story and an even better environment with perfectly rendered objects that make the game quite realistic. Although the character animation and poor optimization of the game will remind you from time to time that you’re playing a game, rather than living in one. 


From indie games to AAA titles, only a handful of games can ever reach the top charts and the rest have to fly under the radar, far away from the eyes of casual gamers. But, there’s more than a handful of titles that do deserve your attention and are worth your hard-earned money. In our guide, we’ve included all the titles that you must take a closer look at, and in case you’re wondering, all of these are made by reputable developers.

Lastly, if you’re looking to play games that offer true entertainment, experience and would keep you glued to the screen then we highly recommend trying these underrated games of the year 2021. Having second thoughts before spending your hard-earned money on these titles? Purchase game keys at half the price at our store

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