Twitch is the biggest videogame streaming platform in the realm and every day, millions tune in to watch their favorite streamer play their favorite games. An estimate tells us that Twitch gets more than 3 million views each day but, not all the streams are focused on gaming. A few of them also feature streams from other genres as well including Music, Arts, Financing, and more. 

In the last few years, a handful of gamers got their fame from streaming and generated tons of money. The fact that Ninja, a famous Fortnite streamer, got a multi-million dollar deal from a single streaming platform made people even more curious about how these gamers are making the big bucks. 

Over the years, thousands of people have signed up on Twitch with a dream to make it to the top leagues but unfortunately, only a handful of them made it to the top charts. And fame comes with money, and on Twitch, there are many conventional and unconventional ways that are being used to generate revenue on Twitch. 

How Gamers Earn a Living on Twitch? 

Twitch is a leading streaming platform with millions of views every day and an average streamer with more than 1000 subscribers has a chance to make a living from Twitch. People are often curious about how to make a living by streaming on Twitch, and we’ll answer these concerns in a bit. Keep reading to find out all the ways that can earn you the big bucks and offer you a chance to live large with a big community backing you.

Twitch Partner Program 

Monetizing your content on Twitch can be easily done by signing up for the Twitch partner program. However, to be a part of the Twitch Partner program, you must fill certain requirements to become eligible for the program. But, once you’re eligible, you will have the following monetizing features that you can apply to your channel and streams. 


Once a streamer is eligible for the Twitch partner program, they will have the opportunity to offer monthly subscriptions to their users. The first subscription offer starts at $4.99 and goes up to $24.99. The users who purchase the subscriptions can unlock certainly emotes as well as some other features. With monthly subscriptions alone, Twitch streams can make a decent living if they have a handful of supporters backing them up. 


Bits is the term that’s used as the currency which is used on Twitch and it’s used to purchase emotes and cheer for the channel. And when a user uses these bits to cheer for your content, the revenue generated is shared between Twitch and the partners. With the cheer feature, Twitch streams can generate a substantial amount of revenue. 


Much like Google Adsense, Twitch has an ad-engine of their own that allows the streamers to advertise ads on their channel. And the revenue that is generated due to the clicks and the impressions on the ads is shared between Twitch and the streamer. Many of the top-rated streams earn a decent amount of money, alone, by displaying ads on their channel. 


For a small-streamer, the Twitch partner program is the best way to make a living from Twitch and with time, the revenue grows as well. However, for Twitch streamers with mid and big-size audiences, sponsorships are the best way to earn a living. 

These sponsorships are generally offered by big companies from around the world and they pay big bucks to the gamers to advertise their product in front of the audiences. An estimate tells us that a company that is sponsoring your content can pay between $100 to $100,000, depending on the size of the audience. 

According to a credible report, popular streams that go by the names of ‘Ninja’ and ‘DrLupo’ reportedly charged upwards of $50,000 for an hour of sponsored content. Considering the revenues, people might be inclined to try Twitch for themselves, but, we must warn you that out of all the people who sign up on Twitch, only less than 10% of streamers could make enough to make a living from Twitch.


The donation feature on Twitch allows users to offer donations to their favorite Twitch streamers. And this feature alone is more than enough for a few Twitch streamers, especially when MrBeast is lurking behind fake accounts to pay you upwards of a million, just to see a smile on your face. 

For the majority of Twitch who aren’t eligible for the Twitch Partner Program, donations are the best way to earn a living. Streamers can activate the ‘Donation Button’ on their channel or could directly ask their audiences to donate through other methods like PayPal. 

Popular streamers on Twitch have known to earn upwards of $100,000 from Twitch donations alone in a single year, making the ‘donations’ ones the best ways to earn a living from Twitch. However, some feel like their dignity is on the line and often turn off the donation button on their channel .

As your audience grows, you have a better chance of selling products on the internet but since making your own merch or products is a hefty task, Twitch streamers commonly use affiliate links to earn a living. With these affiliate links, Twitch streamers can generate a small amount of revenue every time a person purchases the product using the affiliate link of the streamer. 

Aside from all the conventional ways, using affiliate links is a fruitful way to earn a living, and hundreds of gamers on Twitch are using such links to earn the big bucks. Whether it’s seat warmers or RGB-lit keyboards, Twitch gamers use these links to generate a substantial amount of revenue. 


These are some of the most commonly-used practices that gamers use to make big bucks. But, to reach a point in your career where you can make a living from Twitch, the streamers have to put in hundreds of unpaid hours, and success is not guaranteed.  

That’s all folks! 

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