Villains are a vital part of every story and without them, the narrative is not rounded off. Over the years, we’ve come across many villains. Some stood their ground and showed their dignity while others were lurking from the shadows to get a piece of the protagonist. And while there were some villains we loved, there are a few we despise the most. 

Every game features a dramatic villain who’s always trying to pull one over you. Whether it’s by stabbing you in the back or sending their minions to do the dirty work, villains often are the most hated character of a fictional world. And while there are all sorts of villains you’ll find out there, we’ve short-listed the worst villains we ever came across in video games. 

Worst/Evilest Villains in Video Games 

After extensive research and contributions from our own gaming experience, these are the worst villains you’ll ever come across. 

Micah Bell 

Game – Red Dead Redemption 2

Crime – Killing the Protagonist 

End – Killed by John Marston

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 depicts the wild west’s most ruthless killers in a gripping story. A gang starts its journey in the most remote areas and depends on each other to get by. But among them was one Micah Bell. He was one of the gang members and rode with them for a few months and broke bread with them.

But, his intentions were cruel from the beginning as he was feeding information to the Pinkertons. And when the time came, Micah Bell betrayed everyone, and when he got the chance, he executed Arthur Morgan, the main protagonist in Red Dead Redemption 2. 

While there were other antagonists in the games as well including Dutch, Javier Escuella, and  Bill Williamson, Micah Bell was considered the worst villain of the game and players despised him the most. 

Lieutenant General Shepherd

Game – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Crime – Burned Roach and Ghost

End – Killed by John “Soap” MacTavish

Call of Duty games always introduced a new villain in each of their entries throughout the franchise. Lieutenant General Shepherd, however, stood out among them because of his treacherous acts of selling his country and betraying his comrades. In CODMW2, General Shepherd betray ‘Task Force 141’ and executes ‘Roach’ and ‘Ghost’ who were one of the protagonists in the game. 

Adding to the cruelty, after executing them with his signature .44 Magnum, Shepherd ordered his men to throw the bodies of his soldiers into a gasoline-lit fire. Shepherd’s traitorous acts made him one of the most hated and worst villains in the Call of Duty franchise. In comparison to Shepherd, evil men like Makarov and Imran Zakhaev were viewed as more rational.


Game – God of War

Crime – Tricked Kratos into Killing his Family 

End – Killed by Kratos 

One of the most notorious antagonists from Greek mythology, Zeus, father of Kratos, the God of War is seen as one of the vilest villains of the fictional world. The reason behind such hate for Zeus in the hearts of netizens is because Zeus tricked Kratos and made him kill his beloved Wife and Daughter. 

This cruel act of Zeus not only raged Kratos but every fan of the God of War franchise was furious with him. Later on, Zeus ordered his minions to take down Kratos. But fortunately, he was no match for the God of War and was killed by his hands. Even though Zeus met his end and paid for his sins, the fans still consider him to be the worst villain in video games. 

Lance Vance

Game – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 

Crime – Backstabbed Tommy Vercetti

End – Executed by Tommy Vercetti 

An iconic villain, Lance Vance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City makes it to the list of the most hated and worst villains of all time. After being made into a business typhoon by Tommy Vercetti and rescued many times from the goons of Diaz, Lance Vance stabbed Tommy in the back by trying to take him down and steal all his glory, along with the Vercetti Mansion. Unfortunate for him, Lance was no match against the invincible Tommy. 

Playing GTA: VC was one of the highlights of our life for many gamers and since it was one of the first betrayals we ever witnessed, we always had hate towards Lance Vance. And even after all these years of rapidly growing gaming industry, Lance is still considered to be the worst villain we ever came across. 


Game – Sniper Elite 4 

Crime – Responsible for the death of Millions

End – Assassinated by a member of Elite Sniper Squad. 

Responsible for the death of millions, Adolf Hitler, a figure known to everyone, is not only considered to be the worst villain in fictional worlds but also in the real world. Hitler was the leader of the Nazis and the reason behind the second world war. The German leader forced millions into war and caused mayhem around the world. 

But enough with the history lesson, Rebellion Developments, the developers behind Sniper Elite 4, introduced Hitler in a fictional mission where players are tasked to take him down as they see fit. And with a bulky sniper in hand that can blow his head like a watermelon, players had a lot of fun finding innovative ways to take him down. 


Gamer – Super Mario

Crime – Kidnapping Princess and Plotting against Mario 

End – Was thrown in scorching Lava 

A protagonist in almost every major Super Mario entry, Bowser is without a doubt, one of the most hated and the worst villains you’ll come across. Finding new ways of kidnapping the Princess and laying down obstacles for Mario is all Bowser is known for. His treacherous acts aided by Bowser Jr in many Super Mario games made players despise him and he is most likely to be voted for the worst villain of all time. 

At some point in our life, we’ve all come across this hideous monster with his big teeth and even though we despise him, some of the fondest memories of our childhood are associated with him. 

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