The action game is a genre that includes fights, puzzles, and strategies emphasizing coordination and reaction. It includes a large variety of sub-genres like fighting, beat ’em ups, shooters, survivals, mazes, and platforms; sometimes even multiplayer online battles and real-time strategies.

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Usually, the player performs as the protagonist with its unique abilities; some games add power-ups along the way. The character aims to complete levels, collect items, avoid obstacles, and battle against antagonists. It's necessary to avoid severe injuries during fights; if the health bar goes low, the player loses. Some games have an unbeatable number of enemies, and the only goal is to maximize score and survive for as long as possible. There might be a boss enemy who appears at the last level; he has unique abilities and a longer health bar. Pong is one of the first action games, released in 1972; the latest include Battlefield, Assasin's Creed, Fortnite and Dark Souls.
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