Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console made by Nintendo. The system represents a tablet-like device with a touchscreen with detachable controllers on the sides. The system can be inserted into a docking station connected to the TV and serve as a home console.

This allows the games on the system to be played both on a big screen or in the handheld with no need to reset the system to change the modes. The central controller for the Switch is a pair of Joy-Cons – small controllers both of which feature four face buttons, an analogue stick, two side buttons, and high-definition vibration. The controllers can be used separately by different players, together with using a grip accessory or attached to the system in handheld mode. Unlike many previous Nintendo consoles, as for 2019, the system has strong support from third-party developers, especially from the indie scene. The Switch introduced Nintendo Switch Online, a subscription-based service that resembles Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. It allows players to play online multiplayer, offers a selection of classic Nintendo games and lets players use cloud saves.
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