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Video games are an interactive form of entertainment that offers the player a chance to shape their own story. Through video game consoles, you can be immersed in different worlds and characters by interacting with them as they happen around you. Video games are no longer just for children and teenagers. With more adults now gaming on a regular basis, there's been an increase in new video game genres that cater to these audiences as well. Digital video games offer many advantages over traditional ones: they can be bought with the click of a mouse; pre-order features allow gamers to secure their copy before release day; periodic updates from developers mean you never have to worry about old content because it always will come back refreshed (also known as DLCs); digital copies cannot get lost or damaged like physical discs do if played too much, which means your library is saved forever! You don't even need consoles anymore - all you need is an access internet connection so download whatever type of game takes your
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