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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a really interesting puzzle game. The Steel Crate Games made a game on the Unity engine. KTaNE (abbreviation from the game name) is a fun, windows online multiplayer game which forces you to cooperate with other players


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Steam Key GLOBAL


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You need to disarm the bomb and unfortunately, you cannot do it by yourself. Only through the cooperation, you are going to be able to survive. Do you think you’ll be able to do it? Remember that your life is depending on your choices. Nothing is better than a lot of pressure.GameplayWe have to admit that Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is one of the most innovative co-op games we have ever seen. However, general rules of the game are really simple. Your main task is to disarm a few bombs. Unlucky for you, you do not know how to do this. The second player, on the other hand, has access to the bomb guide. This manual contains info, crucial for the disarming of the bomb. The only problem is, that he cannot see the bomb. This is why you have to disarm it. The second player is going to provide you with information you are going to need, to be able to success. The funny thing is, that the game fully supports the VR goggles. Just imagine yourself sitting in the googles while your friend is trying to tell you how to disarm the ticking bomb. It is going to be full of laugh from and fun.However, do not forget what is your main task. You need to disarm the bomb. If you are not going to do this, then both you and your friend are going to explode. You definitely want to avoid that. It should be noted that only one copy of the game is needed to play with your friends, even online. The only thing they are going to need is the bomb manual. It is crucial for your success. Furthermore, you are going to be provided with a different bomb during every single walkthrough. In other words, you cannot simply memorize the pattern. You need to cooperate.Each puzzle is going to test your cooperation skills as well as your friendships. Do you think that you can trust your friends? This game is going to check this. Test your family, friends, colleagues, your dog, random people on the streets, everyone.Gamers opinions & Awards receivedKeep Talking and Nobody Explodes (PC) gained recognition among players rather quickly. Hence, it got many awards which should be mentioned. The game got the Media Choice Award from Indiecade in 2014. Furthermore, the game was provided with the Most Innovative award from Proto Awards in 2015. Proto Awards also gave the game a Best Social Experience award in the same year. In 2016 KTaNE got an award of Excellence in Design from IGF. The game got an average reviews score of 8 out of 10.The only question remaining is: are you able to disarm the bomb?Key featuresTry to disarm a bomb in time.Each playthrough is going to provide you with a new, different bomb.Cooperate with your friends in the multiplayer. One of you has to disarm the bomb, while the second needs to tell proper instructions.The game has a mod support. You can try dozens of missions and community-made modes. Thanks to this, the game is going to provide you with many hours of an additional gameplay.Enjoy a lot of fun with your friends. See if you can trust them and if you are able to cooperate.Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes fully supports the VR.Release date: 2015-10-08

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