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Player Feedback97% felt calmer and less stressed after playing Playne98% found the meditation in Playne easy to understand and practise90% successfully built a consistent habit of mindfulness by playing PlayneFeatures of …


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Player Feedback97% felt calmer and less stressed after playing Playne98% found the meditation in Playne easy to understand and practise90% successfully built a consistent habit of mindfulness by playing PlayneFeatures of PlayneHelps you to build a consistent habit of mindfulness.Reduce stress, increase well-being and promotes personal growth.The game-world grows and transforms as you build your positive habit.Meditation sceneries with unique sound ambiancesExplore the Story of Playne, written by a BAFTA nominated film-maker.Experience the many benefits of mindfulness.Game Mode ‘Evolve’ (End Game Unlock)Explore an open world island inspired by Scotland.Collect & plant seeds.Meditate to make the seeds grow into trees.Create your forests and your own tranquil space.Playne Grows With YouThe StoryAt your ripe old age of 417, you’ve forgotten what made the sun stop moving, how the trees stopped growing and how everyone became immortal. That is, until you met a little fox who wanted to help you remember, who wanted to show you how to bring balance back to the world.From the DeveloperMy name is Krish and I developed Playne to solve two of the most common challenges of mindfulness: understanding it and building a daily habit of it. In Playne I’ve integrated a meditation technique, which I learnt from decades of practise, that is simple to practice and very effective in getting you mindful. Next, I’ve carefully developed gameplay elements that encourage you to meditate daily so that you can build a habit of it. I think games are a great medium which can be used to help us grow.I would ideally make Playne free – because I would like the benefits of Playne to be freely available to everyone. But this is my first game and I need to generate an income so that I can spend more time building and developing Playne further. I want to offer as much of my time and effort to bring about a more joyful world. I hope this page tells you what Playne can do for you, and I hope Playne can help you experience all the benefits of mindfulness.Benefits of MindfulnessMindfulness is just a term used to describe a way to cultivate a form of awareness. When you are in this awareness, it can be deeply relaxing, restorative and in this relaxation you can go deeper into your self. Below is a list of the benefits of mindfulness that has been researched:Cultivate creativityImprove immunityImprove your mood and psychological well-beingIncreases feelings of compassion and decreases worrydecreases feelings of lonelinessDecrease depressionBetter regulate mood and anxiety disordersPrepares you to deal with stressful eventsReduces stress and anxietyReduces symptoms of panic disorderReduce addictionsImproves your focus, attention, and ability to work under stressImproves information processing and decision-makingImproves mental resilience and emotional intelligenceRelieves pain better than morphineHelps manage ADHDIncreases the ability to keep focus in spite of distractionsImproves learning, memory and self-awarenessDecreases inflammatory disordersDecreases cellular-level inflammationHelps prevent asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseaseReduces risk of Alzheimer’s and premature deathHelps manage psoriasisReduces emotional eatingMore details can be found here : RoadmapNew features are regularly added to Playne. • 2018 •JulyNew Story ChapterRevamped UIAugustEvolve Mode PreviewConsole CommandsSeptemberEvolve Game Mode ReleasedOctoberNew Day Driven Progress SystemFully Dynamic Tree GrowthVisual UpgradeRevamped SettingsNovemberNew Story Chapter AddedMore dialogue options with Fox• 2019 •JanuaryStory + Text Fully Edited and Revamped (thank you Nerrei)Immersive 360 View Mode6 New Meditation Customisations3 Meditation OptimisationsCredits ScreenBetter Streak SystemFebruary Part ISteam Achievements + Cloud Save AddedFebruary Part IIMeditation Views with Unique Sound-scapesThank You!I’m especially grateful to everyone who has purchased Playne as an early access game. Your early support means a lot to me, and practically it helps me to keep developing and improving Playne. I hope in return I can give you a game which genuinely helps you to live a life with awareness.Made with ♥ in Scotland! Release date: 2018-11-05

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