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Space Junkies is a VR FPS game, set in a deep-space arena. Choose from one of five warriors and take them into battle against other players. Customize your character to give them edge in battle and some personal touch.


Space Junkies Steam Key GLOBAL


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Space Junkies is a virtual reality first-person shooter game for PC, developed and published by Ubisoft. The game puts the player in the shoes of one of five space warriors and pits them against others in online multiplayer matches. SJ features several modes of gameplay, various weapons, and gadgets for the player to use and several diverse character types. Space Junkies received positive reception from the critics, who praised the titles VR immersion and controls, as well as the intensity of matches.  Virtual Reality FPS Gameplay Space Junkies makes full use of the virtual reality headsets and motion controllers and brings the player right into the thick of the action. The game can be played in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 free for all, making each match a unique experience. In SJ, the player can choose from five distinct character classes: Junker, Juggernaut, Kessler, Surf’n’Turf, and Buzzkill. Each of the classes has different attributes, with a total cap of 280% divided between each perk. The attributes are health, speed, and stamina. Each character’s attributes can be upgraded and looks can be alternated by opening loot boxes.The players battle in six orbital arenas, in-game referred to as the Orenas. To navigate zero-G environments, the players use jet packs, which help them cover long distances and can provide an additional advantage during the fight. The player can use different types of weapons, such as plasma rifles, long-range pistols, shotguns firing acidic substance, and more. They can also use several types gadgets, like photon shield, solar sword, medikit, etc.Story summaryAt first, they thought the job was easy – go to some remote spot in the space and remove debris. Good job for tough, mercenary-like spacefarers. But soon they realized that the debris could be useful, and junk could be turned into resources. And so, they started fighting over it. Using their jetpacks to roam the zero-G arenas, they battle for the goods found in the galactic junkyards. Will you enter the Orena to join them?ReceptionSpace Junkies (VR) received solid reviews from the critic and was met with positive response from the players. Among the game’s many superlatives, the reviewers noted competitive multiplayer battles, immersive and intense gunplay and comfortable controls, making it one of the better arena shooters supporting VR technology.Key featuresImmerse yourself in intense VR actionEnter the free for all online multiplayer for up to four participantsExplore zero-G arenas using jetpacksChoose from several character classes with different attributes  Open loot boxes containing upgrades and cosmeticsRelease date: 2019-03-26

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