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War of the Roses: Kingmaker Steam Key GLOBAL

War of the Roses: Kingmaker


war of the roses: kingmaker steam cd key
War of the Roses: Kingmaker Steam Key GLOBAL


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War of The Roses: Kingmaker sees players go toe-to-toe with their opponents using authentic and visceral weapons of the time period including broad swords, long bows and battle-axes. Includes in the game: House of York White Boar Charge, Warrior of York Plate Cuirass, Royal Helm of York, House of Lancaster Golden Lion Charge, Warrior of Lancaster Plate Cuirass, Royal Helm of Lancaster, Boar Charge, Plate Cuirass, Castillon Sword, Honey Badger Crest, Official Game Soundtrack Features.

  • Over 50 authentic weapons across 10 weapon categories. Everything from Billhooks to Bastard swords, Longbows to Lances!
  • Customize your gear: choose fighting style, blade type, metal type, and much more!
  • Over a 20 customizable helmets. Paint your helmet, attach crests, plumes, coifs and visors for greater fashion or function.
  • Choose armor from nine different types; light, medium, and heavy. All with their own unique consequences and benefits.
  • Over 30 play-style changing perks that let you create truly unique characters with special abilities like eagle eye or shield bash.
  • Groundbreaking Mounted Gameplay! Melee combat will never be the same, mount up and experience new tactical and visceral thrills.
  • Create your own coat of arms with near limitless combinations as you choose your division, ordinary, charge, and crest.
  • Experience a deep leveling system as you rise through the ranks, gaining new titles, weapons, gear, and much more!
  • Battle online through 10 historically inspired war zones as you experience the conflict between Lancaster & York first hand
  • Four gamemodes including all the new Assault Castle game mode made specifically for the Kingmaker edition.
  • Vicious 64 player competition on all Gamemodes modes
  • Steam Big Picture support for controller gaming!

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